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Star Wars: Clone Wars Final Season 5 Trailer

One final trailer for the show before Season 5 is unleashed.

Jack Kirby’s Birthday Overshadows “We Have a Dream” Anniversary

Important civil rights milestone overshadowed by iconic illustrator’s birthday.

Madefire Announces Weekly Original Content, Steals Ben Abernathy From DC

The innovative IOS digital comics company continues its plans for world domination with the acquisition of DC's Digital Group Editor and a push of weekly original content.

Francesco Francavilla's The Black Beetle Returns to Dark Horse Comics!

Francavilla's pulp hero The Black Beetle will first get collected, and then will star in an all-new story!

Erik Larsen Leaves Supreme, Does Not Melt Down on Twitter

Erik Larsen's failure to have a Charlie Sheen-like meltdown on Twitter is both disappointing and unprofessional.

DC Zero Month Checklist

Secret origins unveiled! New characters introduced! Mysteries revealed!

Avengers Caught in Mutant Segregation Controversy

The premiere superhero team has been accused of separating its mutant members from the rest of the team.

Hollywood Has Worst Weekend of Year; Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Blame?

The weekend's top-grossing film makes only $13.5 million dollars as moviegoers abandon Hollywood en masse.

Darth Didiomort Constructs A New Gom Jabbar And Other Mixed Metaphors To Take Out Alan Moore

Darth Didiomort and his consorts hope to be rid of Alan Moore by New Year's Day 2013, and they have a plan.

DC Releases Profiles for Superman and Wonder Woman

Filed under the "We swear we're not making this up" category.

All New X-Men Cover Continues Glaring Trend

Several mutants are glaring at readers in the new cover of All New X-Men #3.

Geoff Johns to Ruin More Characters in New Justice League of America with David Finch

Not content with writing the worst iterations ever of Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Batman, and the Flash in Justice League, Johns will be launching a new Justice League of America book with...

Ninja Turtles' Script Leaked

A TMNT fan has gotten their hands on Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles' script.

Marvel NOW! Marvel Babies Front And Center!

Marvel Babies invade the Marvel NOW! line with several variant covers.

Fan Expo Canada: New Era For Dark Avengers

Writer Jeff Parker and artist Neil Edwards will take the Dark Avengers into a new era.

SPOILER ALERT! Stephwatch 2012 Continues!

Has more evidence been revealed that Stephanie Brown is returning to the DCU?!

Fan Expo Canada: Will Marvel Cancel Morbius?

Writer Joe Keatinge and artist Rich Elson are announced to be the creative team on a new ongoing Morbius: The Living Vampire series.