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Fan Expo Canada: Will Marvel Cancel Morbius?

Writer Joe Keatinge and artist Rich Elson are announced to be the creative team on a new ongoing Morbius: The Living Vampire series.

Judd Winnick To Leave "Batwing"

Winnick says goodbye and explains why he's leaving

Legend of Korra: The Movie?

Well... not yet, but Paramount is planning to expand it's animation efforts and Korra is a possibility.

Star Wars: Detours Footage Debuts

Seth Green, Matt Senreich, and Todd Grimes will Droid Chicken Star Wars.

Aquaman #12 Preview

The traitor in the team is revealed! Who is BLACK MANTA working for?

Ed Brubaker off Winter Soldier in January

Jason Latour will be taking over the series.

Grant Morrison Lobbying for Doping Charges to Wipe Credit from Final Crisis

After seeing Lance Armstrong get railroaded by the USADA, the celebrated creator is hoping to use the same excuse to relieve himself of responsibility for the abysmal DC comics event.

PetCo To Carry DC Line Of Pet Items

Do you have a super pet ? Now they can dress like one !

DC Comics' Geoff Johns Coming to Michigan for Debut of First Arab-American Green Lantern

Racists are confused over what to be mad about as Geoff Johns celebrates the debut of The Ghetto Superhero (featuring Mya and ODB)!

Stan Lee Posed Nude for a Marvel Promotional Shoot

This goes in the "too silly not to be true" category.

CGC Announces New Nerd Grading Program

The company, in conjunction with Wizard, announced a new grading service to help separate true nerds from poseurs.

Marvel Releases Unfinished Iron Man #1 Preview

Marvel comics prematurely released this first look at Kieron Gillen and Greg Land's Iron Man #1 before Land had time to finish any of the backgrounds.

Dan Harmon Talks About Community on Reddit

Disgraced former Community show runner Dan Harmon joined fans on reddit for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) - The Outhouse copied and pasted the highlights!

Mike Allred Leaves Daredevil After Only One Issue

Marvel has released a first look at Daredevil #18, which shows Chris Samnee back on art chores.

Thor: God Of Thunder Preview Art

Thor: God of Thunder debuts this November

DC Editorial Team Releases Multiple Rewritten Responses to Rob Liefeld’s Twitter Attacks

DC’s editors released several hastily rewritten statements disputing the angry creator’s claims.

Disney Rebooting Rocketeer

Disney is reportedly interested in reviving the franchise.