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The Walking Dead #100 Death Odds and Speculation

We guess who's about to bite it in tomorrow's landmark issue.

Mega Man/Sonic: When Worlds Collide

We were teased yesterday with it, now Archie Comics reveals their crossover event Mega Man/Sonic the Hedgehog: When World's Collide!

Listen to the Dark Knight Rises Score

Though it's still a week away from actually owning it, Empire has the entire The Dark Knight Rises Score up.. for FREE!

Dexter Comic: Marvel Unleashes their answer to the Dark Knight

Wait for it... wait for it... It's the closest we're likely to get to a Marvel Comics Batman!

Marvel Gives Up Comics - 9 Titles Canceled in October

In the October solicitations, Marvel Comics announced the cancellation of 9 titles, signalling the beginning of the end.

Marvel Comics Full Monthly Soliciations for October 2012

Come and see the bloodbath of cancellations to make way for the glory of Marvel NOW! Find out what's shipping from Marvel Comics in October!

SDCC: Disney Looking to Cut Costs, Using Child Labor for Iron Man 3

In a stroke of genius, Disney is once again championing the rights of children to work for next to nothing in their movie production area.

Batgirl #11 Preview

"We're going to change Gotham forever !"

Will Yun Lee Cast as Silver Samurai

More casting news from the set of Wolverine: The Musical.

Fox to Turn Several Characters Japanese in Upcoming Wolverine Sequel

After the success of Marvel's Thor, in which white comic book character Heimdall was portrayed by a black actor, the producers of The Wolverine are considering using Asian actors in the...

Archie Comics Teasing Mega Man/Sonic Crossover for 2013

USA Today writer/blogger/editor Brain Truitt posted an image on his Twitter teasing a crossover event from Archie Comics in the near future involving a certain Blue Bomber and Blue Blur.

Music Video Alert: Love & The Movies by Midi Matilda

Check out the new music video from Midi Matilda for their song Love & The Movies.


Now that we have your attention, check out this variant cover for Big City Comics' Whore by comics great Michael Golden.  Also, this article might be NSFW.

Universal Television Signs on to Bring Oni Press to YOUR TV!

Universal Television totes wants to be BFF's with Oni Press!

DC Comics and Vertigo Full Monthly Solicitations for October 2012

Find out what's shipping in October 2012 from DC Comics! Creative team shakeups! New Books! More Liefeld and Lobdell! All in the DCnU!

Marvel The Next Big Thing: Daredevil: End of Days

Marvel hosted another one of their "The Next Big Thing" events today, this time focusing on their upcoming title Daredevil: End of Days.