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DeMarco Teases New Updates to Toonami

Written by Zechs on Wednesday, July 25 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
DeMarco Teases New Updates to Toonami

Possible updates to Toonami are teased by Cartoon Network.

The Man aka Jason DeMarco, VP of strategic marketing for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim promised fans they will be rewarded if they watched the new Toonami. Well, today on his Twitter, DeMarco teased some welcome new changes on the way:


update: have about five or six things we are working on. And some good shit on the horizon soon-ish!


So just what are those five or six things they are working on? New products? New graphics? Or.. the return of some program long missed by fans of the animation block?



Whatever these five or six things are, this reporter will keep you posted the moment he hears more.

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