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DeMarco Q&A On Toonami: Present & Future

Written by Zechs on Thursday, August 02 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
DeMarco Q&A On Toonami: Present & Future

Jason DeMarco gave an online interview and answers fan questions on regarding Toonami's present and future.

Source: Jason DeMarco Q&A Session

Jason DeMarco, VP of strategic marketing for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim, continues to be fan accessible as he took part in a live online interview. The main crux of the transcript you can find at Toonami Faithful. Here are some of the more interesting points brought up in the interview:



Why Samurai 7?
Because it's great. Why not?

Is FLCL still going to be on the schedule in a few weeks?
Don't think so.

Will Casshern be re-run after it ends, or will we get a new anime to fill the time slot?
We are going to try not to re-run stuff when we don't have to.

My main question is: have the Toonami Faithful come through for you guys in terms of ratings? And has the show been growing?
We've been solid overall. A little better than AS Saturday nights used to do. We're not going anywhere for a while.

Any chance #toonami could get the 9PM-12AM slots if ratings stay stable/improve? Current timeslot cuts into sleep real bad.
Highly doubtful.

So since your bringing back Samurai 7 will you be bringing back other old animes and why replace Deadman with that.
We didn't want reruns, and Samurai 7 is a great show we've never aired.

Is Cowboy Bebop rerunning again after it finishes its current run?
Likely, yes.

Any chance Toonami would should none action anime's like Clannad & K-On? Only half serious about this one

Any chance of Thundercats moving to #Toonami?
We are looking at ALL possibilities.

could it be possible to aquire a few more anime like samurai 7? it would make a huge difference to toonami
We're doing everything we can.

What factors do you consider when making new acquisitions like Deadman Wonderland or Samurai 7?
Is it a good fit? Is it available? Have we run it before? Will it need an insane amount of edits? How much $$ does it cost?

Why have you not aired (Insert Show I like) on your channel!
Because we can't please everyone all the time, and Toonami is not a time machine! hahaha

Oh, also will we see a new intro for the block soon?
Not likely.

Any chance for Durarara!! or Big O to make return?
Eventually, probably. But not in the near future.

Have you been thinking of using some of the classic logos from time to time?
Probably not. We want to move forward. we may though, you never know!

What's the chance on stuff already aired on Toonami/AS before like Trigun or Outlaw Star?
Those shows are unlikely, although I'd love to see Outlaw Star on again!

is SARA coming back?
We hope to bring her back some day, but it won't happen for a while, if at all!

is SARA coming back?
We hope to bring her back some day, but it won't happen for a while, if at all!

Will Toonami's block remain 12-3 with new episodes and then reruns for at least the next month?

when or if sara returns will she look similar to what she looked liked in the past or a whole new look?
I'd want a new look for her.

Any chance for movie nights? Like Bleach 3 or FMA Sacred Star of Milos?
We may do that but for now it's not worth the $$$ for one night of content.

Fair enough! Oh, Champloo? Possible return? Thought that'd be one you guys wouldn't let go of.
Love Champloo, so you never know!

What about Gurren Lagann?
I dig that show.

So ever thinking about bringing old shows from the weekday and saturday line up from the 90s like S-cry-ed or Yu Yu Hakusho...
Something we're considering, of course.

Any chance Gundam might return? BEI USA closing, it might be harder to get, but I'd love to see Toonami & Gundam back together
So would I. Gundam is not something we can get right now though.

any chances of a non-anime series coming to #Toonami in the future?
Chances? Yes. I want to have some non-anime on so if we can make that happen we will.

sailor moon ? Money or own by someonelse I assume ? Or shugo chara it's new and like it. Or is it too girly?
It's had it's day. I'll always love it but that one is a little *too* old, I think.

Also, will #DeadmanWonderland get a second run? It seems to be off the schedule.
Probably not.

Will you guys be accepting fan made music in the future for #Toonami ?
Probably not. But if anyone has music to send me, do it, and I promise I'll try to give it a listen.


So there you have it a lot of interesting bit of info revealed in the interview. Though again this is only a portion there were other questions asked, but this reporter felt these were the most important ones answered.


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