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Will Warren Ellis' yet-to-be-published novel become a TV series.?

Written by The Naicreman on Thursday, August 09 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
Will Warren Ellis' yet-to-be-published novel become a TV series.?

FOX buys the TV rights to Ellis' forthcoming first novel, Gun Machine

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Warren Ellis fans disappointed in the failure of his Global Frequency comic to be translated in to a television series have new reasons to be sad. FOX has bought the TVrights to Ellis' yet-to-be-published first novel, Gun Machine.

Ellis told the story of how the rights to the novel got picked up by FOX on his blog Thursday morning.

"Basically, this happened: Chernin Entertainment (in the form of a relentless and charming lady called Lauren Stein) bought GUN MACHINE pre-emptively, sight unseen, half a year before its publication.

Then we went looking for a showrunner, which we found in the body of Dario Scardapane. I went with Dario because he got the themes of the book immediately. Dario, with me mostly just sort of getting in his way, came up with a take on the book as a series. We got in a room with Fox Broadcasting (who partly arrived in the form of Jon Wax, an acquaintance and supporter) and told them what we wanted to do. And the next day I got a phone call telling me that we had successfully fooled Fox into buying it for development."


The novel, set to come out in 2013, is described by as "a thriller about a beleaguered New York City detective who stumbles upon a cache of hundreds of guns that trace back to a wide array of seemingly unrelated unsolved murders."

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