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SPOILER ALERT! Stephwatch 2012 Continues!

Written by Zechs on Sunday, August 26 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
SPOILER ALERT! Stephwatch 2012 Continues!

Has more evidence been revealed that Stephanie Brown is returning to the DCU?!

Source: Evidence That Stephanie Brown May Be Returning As Spoiler?

Several days ago, Bleeding Cool reported some "evidence" that seemed to show fan favorite character Stephanie Brown was returning. The character profile was set to appear in the hardcover book, Batman: The World of the Dark Knight.



This profile above, alas, has now been proven false by CBR poster ffritts, who somehow managed to obtain a copy of the real profile, edited by Dan Didio himself. This is the official, final copy which will actually see print in the book, proving the initial rough draft posted by Ricch Johnston to be nothing but a red herring, like communism. Here's the real profile:



Well played, Didio.

In other Stephanie Brown news, Gail Simone finally revealed the project she was hyping for much of last year via her Tumblr: a teen team book that was to have the beloved character partner up with Misfit, Black Alice, and Bumblebee. The book was to have been co-written by Bryan Q. Miller, though there wasn't any word of who would have drawn it. It is believed that fans of Brown would have flocked to the project, despite the discouraging working title "Toxic Characters That Nobody Wants to Read About." While this reporter couldn't find the original Twitter link, I still have the quote Simone posted on the subject almost a year ago:

At SDCC, we talked, Dan liked the idea, and approved it for me to go ahead and do an outline. And that's where we are at with that, I'm doing the outline this weekend. I am not adding a lot of details, but I believe I have said that ONE of the characters people seem to be most upset about here, will be thoroughly unbenched, if this goes through, and I"m pretty sure it will. One, not two, that's why I was being so careful with my words. And there are some other characters involved.

A little while ago, I wrote to Bryan, we've kept in contact, and asked him what he's working on, and he's doing something for DC but it's top secret. And it hit me that it would be great fun to co-write this thing with me. He's excited by the idea, but that is very preliminary and we haven't even approached DC with that part yet, so yes, definitely a healthy dose of, "it would be great if it happens" is called for here. But we ARE talking and it would be great fun.

I'm pretty positive the story is going to happen. Whether or not Bryan is involved, we have to get an outline together for three issues, so the wait right now is on me, I had other stuff that had to take priority briefly, but I'll have it done this weekend. But I'm pretty sure it'll happen and I would love to have Bryan involved.

About a million people have suggested Cass and/or Steph join the cast of the new Batgirl book and I thought about that for a long time, but in the end, it just felt like rubbing salt in the wound. They earned better placement in the DCU and I would like to see that happen.

So those are the facts, anything else is just rumor that keeps getting circulated and enhanced.


Now we know the now actual fate of the entire project.  While it's disappointing to see what might have been, with the shiny ray of hope Bleeding Cool is providing, along with our own sources stating that DC plans to bring the character back in a big way, this project may simply have been a casualty of future plans, as opposed to part of Dan Didio's sick personal vendetta.



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