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Marvel Releases Teaser with No Distinguishing Features

Marvel Releases Teaser with No Distinguishing Features

Marvel spent a lot of time on this teaser.

Source: CBR

Marvel released a teaser this morning via CBR teasing a new series by Dennis Hopeless and Salvador Larroca.  I use the word "teaser" loosely, as the publisher took no time to give the teaser any distinguishing feature or unique fonts to separate it from the dozen or so other teasers we've seen thus far.  We can only presume that Hopeless and Larroca's new series will be entitled Generic and be considered the bellweather for what passes as an acceptable (but not extraordinary) comic book series.

In the spirit of the latest teaser, we'll also stop caring about the article halfway through.We hope you enjoy.

 "Generic quote," said made up person in an obviously fake interview. "Second made up quote with ridiculous statement that only idiots would believe is real."  Dig at Before Watchmen/Alan Moore/Avengers vs. X-Men or offensive comment about women for which we'll have to apologize on Twitter later.  Follow up dig featuring relatively topical reference to current events, either comics or news related. 

Snarky end comment followed up by relevant information about comic book series, possible self-referential and tooting site's own horn.

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