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Marvel NOW! Variant Covers And Others

Written by sdsichero on Saturday, September 15 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
Marvel NOW! Variant Covers And Others

Marvel Comics Senior Vice President of Sales David Gabriel revealed some variant covers for upcoming Marvel NOW! and non-Marvel NOW! titles.

Source: Gabriel Reveals "Uncanny Avengers," "Avengers" Variants & More

A slew of variant covers were shown off both for Marvel NOW! titles as well as titles that are ending before the new initiative. Also a couple of other art pieces. And babies.

A few interesting things might be taken away from the images. For one, this is the first cover image for Marvel NOW! New Avengers. It's a Marvel Babies variant, but it's potentially telling. Also note that you can't see Psylocke's face very well on the Uncanny X-Force #35 Milo Manara variant (see previous Manara cover).

Also unused Steve Dikto Spider-Man art and a non-variant X-Men Legacy #3 cover.

Anything interesting you see?

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