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Cincinnati Comic Expo Interview: Katie Cook

Written by GHERU on Wednesday, September 26 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
Cincinnati Comic Expo Interview: Katie Cook

RU and BK were able to talk with self-proclaimed “awesome person” and Harvey Award loser, Katie Cook, at the Cincinnati Comic Expo. How badly did they screw it up?

RU: Katie, I have to admit, before the announcement of the My Little Pony comic, I was not all that familiar with your work, but I know that you’ve been in comics for a while.  What else have you worked on?

Katie: No problem: Fraggle Rock, Star Wars, I Am An Avenger, and trading cards… Too many trading cards.

RU: Were all of these art duties?

Katie: No. Some were art, some were writing.  On My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I am writing the book and Andy Price is on art duties

Brad: What is your goal for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP) comic book?

Katie: Our goal is to make a good all ages – NOT JUST LITTLE GIRLS – book.  Both Andy and I are fans of the show and we want to make a good comic for this property that we love.

Everyone is expecting this comic book to fail. The people who hate MLP view this as a cash grab (really, what comic isn’t?) and fans of the show think it will “suck and only be for little girls.” We want to make a comic that we are proud of that respects the show.  This is all very strange because I have been told by multiple shops that MLP #1 is the most requested pre-order they have had in a long time.

Working with IDW has been pretty easy. We have the book set up to be 4 issue arcs where we hope to add some depth to characters and stories that have been highlighted in the cartoon.

Brad: [laughing] Working with IDW, any chance of a Transformers/TMNT/MLP crossover?  Maybe in Infestation 3?

Katie: [laughing] No.

Brad: Doctor Who?

Katie: [still laughing] No.

RU: Where does the book fall continuity wise. Does that even matter?

Katie: The comic has to pay attention to the show. The show is cannon and continuity does matter.  Our book takes place after season two.

RU: This is a licensed property. How "hands on" is Hasbro?

Katie: They are not “hands off,” but they haven’t said ‘oh, no no no” yet.  All they seem to be looking at is if we are respecting the characters and cartoon and making sure we are not stepping someplace season 3 already has planned.

RU: [looking around at all the cat art on Ms. Cook’s table] Are there cats in the MLP comic?

Katie: [laughing] No Comment.

RU: What else you got?

Katie: Gronk is my all ages web comic about a monster who doesn’t want to be a monster, so she runs away.  This was nominated for a Harvey for best webcomic… and lost.  This comic is a loser.  The collections you see here come out once a year and are colored versions of the free, black-and-white webcomic.  These trades and the webcomic are self-published.

Brad: What was the first comic or character you remember creating?  It does not have to be published.

Katie: Archie fan comics

RU: [smirking] Slasher?

Katie: [laughs] No.

RU: What are you reading?

Katie: Locke & Key (David Peterson got me into those books), Gronk, Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man, and Scottie Young’s OZ books.

[Author's Note - both RU and Brad bought art from Katie at the show, and RU is planning on getting more for 'lilRuRu's bedroom]

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