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Francesco Francavilla Speaks Out Against Big Bird Death Threats

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, October 04 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
Francesco Francavilla Speaks Out Against Big Bird Death Threats

The illustrator drew a piece in support of the beloved muppet.

Source: Francesco Francavilla's Blog

Big Bird has long been an integral part of American culture, inspiring millions of children to not be humongous dicks to one another.  That might change if Mitt Romney becomes president of the United States.  During last night's debate, Romney mentioned that while he loved Big Bird, he would cut funding to parent station PBS, spurring an outcry from lovers of birds, quality educational programming and people who realize that cutting funding to public broadcasting would only make it more powerful than conservatives could only imagine.

Francesco Francavilla is one of those people and drew up this hilarious piece of art in support of Big Bird.  The piece is a homage of Amazing Spider-Man #50, which showed Spider-Man quitting after seeing his meager pay at the Daily Bugle get cut in order to balance the newspaper's massive deficit.  Of course, the story was resolved when J. Jonah Jameson instead cut funding from the Spider-Slayer program, which used approximately 20% of the newspaper's spending, after realizing that Parker's salary made up only .012% of the Daily Bugle's annual budget.  Weird how that comic so accurately reflects the current PBS debacle.

Anyways, enjoy the shot of a discarded Big Bird costume.  I hope Francavilla makes a follow up which shows the costume being roasted on a spit while nutjob conservatives look on in eager anticipation at the prospect of eating the closest thing they'll ever get to the flesh of newborn children.

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