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DC Nation Pulled From Schedule? (Updated)

Written by Zechs on Saturday, October 13 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
DC Nation Pulled From Schedule? (Updated)

Those hoping for some new DC Nation this morning might be in for a surprise. DC Nation has been pulled from Cartoon Network's line-up for at least the next two weeks.

Source: Cartoon Network

October 12, 2012

Surprisingly and without warning, while comics and geek culture are in the spotlight at New York Comic Con, Cartoon Network has made an abrupt change in their schedule, literally the last minute. According to their posted schedule, they have pulled new episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice, a.k.a. the DC Nation block, in favor of repeats of Johnny Test and Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon TV show. For those thinking it may due to CN celebrating its anniversary or simply as a short break while Comic Con is happening, well, the same block of cartoons is listed again for next week. Again, there is no sign at all of DC Nation. Several Outhousers are reporting that the DC Nation episodes are still listed on their local cable guide, despite the changes to Cartoon Network's website.

New episodes of Ben Ten: Omniverse and Star Wars: The Clone Wars will continue to air at their regular time. And the reason for this hiatus? There is no word from Cartoon Network or DC officially on when the block will return, and they're unlikely to respond to inquries from us, as we are industry pariahs. Even more bizarre is that the block had just returned with new episodes. This reporter will keep you updated on the story as it develops and more information is learned.



October 13, 2012


Updates as they occur:

of DC Nation's Green Lantern was as shocked by the move as fans:


   Still no statement from Cartoon Network as to why they pulled successful shows and put up re-runs and unexpected shows last minute.  The assumption is that DC Nation will return after October, but with no word from the network, fans and even DC Nation show creators are left guessing. Perhaps fans at NYCC can swarm the Cartoon Network booth and get answers?


Update 2:

   Cartoon Network finally remembered people actually watch their network and might want some answers:

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