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NYCC: 'Arrow' Panel (Updated with Trailer)

Written by xaraan on Sunday, October 14 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
NYCC: 'Arrow' Panel (Updated with Trailer)

Stars Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, Willa Holland, producer Marc Guggenheim and others take the stage at NYCC to talk about the future of recently premiered "Arrow"

Source: CBR panel coverage

October 14, 2012

  After Geoff Johns introduces Marc Guggenheim, the producer cuts straight to the chase and showed the audience a clip from the show.  "My father left me a list of names," Queen says, referring to the list of his vigilante targets.  The clips flash through time on the island, a sneak peak of Jahn Barrowman's characters and the first footage of Deathstroke.  The audience watched flashes of a fight between Arrow and China White, Deadshot attempting to assassinate someone and several other quick action shots.  "Every last one of them will wish I had died on that island." Arrow says as the clip ends.

   When asked about influences, Geggenheim says he and writer Andrew Kreisberg both write comic books and approach each episode as fans.  He says the stories "Longbow Hunters" and "Year One" are huge influences on the show.

   Amell (Arrow) spoke for a bit about training in archery for the show, including watching a 45 minute video showing all the ways archery had been done incorrectly in film before.  He tells the audience "The archery world has a term -- it's called Legolasing.  I didn't want to Legolas."

   Cassidy says her experience on Laurel Lance is "awesome" and turns to Guggenheim when asked where she sees her character going.  Marc answers, "I think episode three gives a pretty good indication of what you might be capable of," and leaves it at that.

   Guggenheim tells the audience there will be several "big bads" and a "biggest bad" during season one.  "You're telling a very long, multi-part story," he said, "Each of these chapters need to build to some momentous event.  You saw those guys with the hockey masks are the Royal Flush Gang.  You'll see them again in episode six."

   The crowd cheers for Deathstroke and Geoff Johns points out many street-level DCU characters will appear on the show.  "You'll see that Helena comes on the show in a moment where Oliver really needs someone like her."  The seventh episode with Helena was written by Kreisberg, Guggenheim and Johns.

   Guggenheim talks about the island, telling the audience the next flashback in episode two picks up right where the one from the pilot left off.  They plan to move through the flashbacks in chronilogical order each week, saying it "has some kind of resonance with what is going on in the main story."

   Amell talks of his time spent in make-up to get ready for the island scenes and how he enjoyed the concept.  "When we went to the series, I was hoping that Oliver, when he got to the island, would be really beaten down to nothing before he rises back up again.  Oliver in the present day is unflinching and he does some things that is kidn of hard to wrap your head around.  The island explains why he has to do them."

   The first fan question thanked Guggenheim for bring aboard John Barrowman.  "John plays a character shrowded in mysterdy," Guggenheim said, "We still wanted to get him to do the show, we're really fortunate to get him on the show... He's incredible... Everytime he talks to a member of our cast, it affects those characters in different ways.  You'll get a chance to experience him in a variety of different scenes."

   The next question was about Tommy Merlyn and they report actor Collin Donnell was at a wedding and couldn't be at the panel today, but Geggenheim goes on to talk about his character's decent into darkness.  "Starting in episode seven, things start to happen for him that are both good and bad.  It's that mix that will add an interesting level of complexity."

   Amell talks about playing Arrow, saying how he enjoys that everything his character says has double meaning.  He also notes that he has always been athletic and into sports his whole life, but has a much heavier training regiment for Arrow that includes archery and parkour.

   Roy Harper fans ask about a possible appearance.  "We've definitely talked about Roy and we have a pretty cool idea for him," Guggenheim said. "All things in good time. The take for Roy we have up our sleeves is pretty badass."

   When asked about keeping the show from becoming typical 'TV trope', Amell answered.  "Oliver's not a good guy, he's not a bad guy.  Oliver's a guy with a mission.  I love characters that don't compromise.  On shows that I enjoy, all the characters have a set of ideals.  They're not trying to win a popularity contest.  I want people to be interested in what I do and invested in it."

   Guggenheim drops in about how excited he is for the Huntress.  "I'm really looking forward to showing you guys the Huntress," he said.  "If you reacted how you did to Deathstroke, just wait until you see her."  He also says, when asked about other characters appearing, that it's all a very organic process that depends on the writing.  "We would love to create some new characters and put new pieces on the board."

   One fan asked about the change of "Star City" to "Starling City".  Guggenheim said it simply was a creative decision because star city didn't sound as grounded, yet they still wanted to use a name that tipped its hat to "Star City".  He also points out that the nickname for the city in the "Arrow" world is still "Star City" and fans will see that in the preview comic.

   Guggenheim mentions the "Arrow" DC Digital comic he is doing with Andrew Kreisberg and Mike Grell that will be canon and expand the series mythology.  The second chapter will offer China White's backstory and is very tightly integrated, noting "Everything is done in house so it's with the show in a very tight way."

    A few fun questions wrap up the audience Q&A portion as they ask about the 'boxing glove arrow' and Amell's uniform.  Guggenheim says we can expect a variation of the boxing glove arrow to appear.  On the uniform, Amell says it's completely functional and takes about five minutes to put on.  "Everything has a function to it." said Guggenheim.




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