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NYCC: Dark Horse Drawing on Your Nightmares Panel

Written by xaraan on Sunday, October 14 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
NYCC: Dark Horse Drawing on Your Nightmares Panel

Dark Horse is one of the few comic publishers to bring readers quality horror stories these days and according to them, that won't stop anytime soon.

Source: CBR panel coverage

October 14, 2012


   The Dark Horse Horror panel today featured Christopher Golden, Tim Seely, Tom Mandrake, Scott Allie, Tyler Crook, Evan Dorkin and was moderated by Bloody Disguisting's Lonnie Nadler.

   The panel bagan with a slideshow presentation featuring the work from many of the panelists as well as other creators not present.  The Goon, B.P.R.D., To Hell you Ride, Hack/Slash, Beasts of Burden and more.

   Tim Seeley talked about his upcoming vampire comic: Ex Sanguine, explaining it as "a detective story meets vampire romance where the vampire's not a total wuss."  The comic is due out this month.

   Christopher Golden spoke about his book Baltimore, which he co-wrote with Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy).  The next installment is called "The Play" and will come out on November 21st and will "mostly be about Haggis, the vampire who murdered Baltimore's family and made him kill his wife."

   Scott Allie showed fans a variety of covers for the B.P.R.D.: 1948 series, as well as Hellboy in Hell.  Mentioning Mike Mignola has been working on the latter story, where Hellboy returns to his homeland, for ten years now.

   Allie also showed off artwork for Steve Niles' upcoming crossover with IDW: Final Night.  Where Criminal Macrabre meets 30 Days of Night.  The series will be drawn by Chris Mitten.

   He also presented some vampire artwork from the Lapham and Huddleston adaptation of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's novel The Strain.

   Tom Mandrake talked about collaborating with actor Lance Henricksen on To Hell You Ride.    The story is co-written by Joseph Maddrey and is based upon a story written by Henricksen twenty years ago.  He described it as "supernatural stuff mashed up with some really sinister science."

   Eric Powell said the adventures of The Goon will continue, but also spoke of plans for the new Billy the Kid series hitting next week called: Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities and the Orm of Loch Ness.  He said there is also plans to crossover with The Goon where Billy and Jeffrey show up in a Goon story.

   They go on to answer questions from the moderator about how they got into horror and what drives them.  When asked about how they get scares out of the audience without relying on tricks movies use by startling the audience with sound, music or sudden action, Golden has this to say: "In a weird way you can't even rely on an image to create the emotion of horror," he said. "Maybe you can rely on an image to create the image of disgust, but in a horror comic you need the story and the image to create that emotion of horror. You have to feel horrified by something. It's a delicate balance. If I ever achieve it, it's purely by accident."

   Mandrake added, "It all comes down to storytelling.  It's all about timing and the use of blacks and whites. It's involving the reader with the emotional context."  Seely then pointed out, "Mary Shelley didn't have sound effects and Bram Stoker didn't have jump cuts. It's all about how they make you feel."

   Powell however, questioned whether you could truly scare someone with a comic. "You can't scare someone with a comic because it's a still image," he said. "You can disturb them, but you can't scare them. Horror is atmosphere."  Dorkin agreed with Power, "A comic book can not scare you unless you fold it up like Ripley in 'Alien,' but it can stay with you," he said. "Never underestimate the page turn, that's our jump scare." He also agreed that you need to have some feeling for the characters. "You have to care, not know what's next. It's not just the monsters, it's the people."


Be sure to check out CBR's panel breakdown for more details on the creators' conversations about horror.




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