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CM Punk To Write Introduction To Avengers vs X-Men HC

Written by GHERU on Tuesday, October 16 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
CM Punk To Write Introduction To Avengers vs X-Men HC

CM Punk Teams With The X-Men To Get The Respect They Both Deserve

Source: CM Punk pens intro for 'Avengers vs. X-Men' collection

This afternoon, it was announced that WWE Champion CM Punk would be writing the introduction to the Avengers Vs. X-Men hardcover being released on November 7, 2012.  Punk is recognized by fans with discerning taste as the best wrestler in the world, but a large portion of the wrestling audience, who are known to be nothing more than jabronies and trailer park trash, often refuse to give him the respect he deserves. This makes Punk the perfect choice to write the introduction to an event where the superior team, The X-Men, were made out to be the villains simply for being right and being better than their opponents, The Avengers. The Outhouse, widely regarded as the greatest website in all space and time, was there to record the champ’s promo.


Shut up all of you.  Show some respect while I am speaking.  Many of you might be wondering why I, the best wrestler in the world, would agree to write the introduction to Marvel’s Avengers Vs. X-Men hardcover, and while I owe none of you anything, let alone explanations for my actions, I will tell you: Respect!

I know what its like to be denied the respect one deserves; to be treated like a second class citizen for being different, and what it's like to have the powers that be lined up against you.  You see, I am an outsider – straight edge - a mutant, and because of this I am better than you.  Even without the X-gene I am homo-superior, and I deserve the same respect the X-Men have never received from the other so-called heroes of the Marvel Universe.

Avengers Vs. X-Men destroyed the competition this summer, much like I destroyed my competition at Summer Slam to retain MY WWE championship.  The whole of the WWE wanted John Cena to win, just like they want that Goldberg reject, Ryback, to win at Hell In A Cell on October 28th, only on Pay Per View.

Everyone in the 616 was rooting for the Avengers in AvX.  The Avengers, the people who brought a warship to kidnap a child, who used Wolverine (a drunken, alcoholic lout) as the moral center of their actions, in the end relied on the same “faith” the X-Men always had in Hope to save the day.  After all this, who is it that the fans root for? The Avengers.  After multiple chances to help the mutants against Sentinels, The Friends of Humanity, and multiple world governments, The Avengers want to pretend that they are the “good guys” – the “face” of the feud.

I do not accept that!  Paul Heyman and myself know that Scott Summers was right and the Avengers had their chance(s) to be heroes, to be helpful, to be champions.  And just like John Cena, they have failed at every turn.  Why am I writing an introduction? Because the X-Men, Scott Summers especially, were bullied and ganged up on because they were forward thinkers, just as I am ganged up on for being straight edge and the leader the WWE needs.

I have been champion for over 300 days, the X-Men have been the Earth’s true heroes for almost 50 years, and we are both the voice of the voiceless.  We will fight to our last breath to be vindicated.

I am disappointed mostly in Benjamin Grimm for his actions during this event.  Every night I shout “Its Clobbering Time!” as I come down the ramp to battle out of respect, but now…never again.  Ben Grimm has betrayed me and everything the Fantastic Four stands for.  Did he ever ask Reed for help with this world-threatening event that put friend against friend? No, instead he joined up with a bunch of thugs lead by a psychopath.

Cyclops Was Right!
And So am I.


Wow. Strong words from the champ. The Avengers vs. X-Men hardcover will be in stores on November 11.


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