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Arrow - "Honor Thy Father"

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, October 18 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
Arrow -

A recap of the newest episode of Arrow!


While Arrow’s Pilot episode was an action packed bonanza of set up, "Honor Thy Father" slows things down a bit.  There’s a little less action, a lack of armpit death grips, and a focus on Oliver coming to terms with his father’s legacy. 

Arrow "Honor thy Father" Spoilers Follow!

The show opens on what’s sure to be a common scene this season, with Oliver beating the tar out of some thugs.  He’s on top of some sort of building and he’s a punching and shooting his way to a guy named Redmond, who’s apperantly been getting handsy with a pension fund.  Ollie grabs him and puts Redmond’s head dangerously close to a ventilation fan and tells him to put the money back.  This is the first of several creative methods of coercion Oliver employs this episode.

The next morning, the television reveals that Redmond put the funds back.  Meanwhile, Ollie, Walter and Moira are at Queen Mansion, preparing for Oliver’s “I’m not dead” hearing.  Tommy arrives to provide comedic support and reminds everyone of all the other times Ollie’s been in front of a judge, including an incident in which Oliver peed on a cop.

At the courthouse, Ollie has a few flashbacks of Sarah, Laurel’s sister, dying while getting mobbed by the press on his way in.  Then, he explains to the judge how he survived the boat thing, with helpful flashbacks for those who missed last week’s episode.  He also talks about how his will to survive was motivated by his desire to live for both him and his father. We’re also reminded that Oliver’s father sacrificed himself so that Ollie could live.

After the hearing’s finished, Moira tries to get Oliver to go into the Queen Industries office, but Ollie claims that he’s too tuckered out by the trial.  Oliver immediately runs into Laurel afterwards, who’s giving him the cold shoulder after Ollie pushed her away last episode.  Laurel’s at the courthouse on business representing one Emily Nocenti.  Emily’s dad, Victor, was allegedly killed by one Martin Somers, the owner of a shipping company, after he learned that Somers was working for the Chinese Triad.  Somers seems to be well connected at the DA’s office and has escaped legal charges, forcing Laurel to go after Somers with a civil suit.  After seeing Somers profess his innocence to the media mob outside, Oliver storms off, leaving Diggle and Tommy behind. 

Like every businessman in the city, Somers is on Ollie’s list for ruining the city.  That night, Oliver arrives in Arrow garb, beats up some more guards and hangs Somers upside down.  After shooting a few warning shots, Ollie tells him to testify and admit his guilt to Laurel.  That’s two interrogation techniques and we’re not even to the title card!

After the commercial break, Diggle is getting the riot act read to him by Moira at Queen Mansion for losing Oliver again.  Diggle, not wanting to admit Ollie’s incredible armpit strength, simply explains that Oliver doesn’t want protecting, a claim backed by Ollie when he strolls in.  Oliver tells his mother that he’s been away at a booty call after reminding his mother that he’s been “alone” for five years.  Moira, like any decent lady, leaves the room in horror, but Diggle warns Ollie to not abandon him again…or else he’ll quit.  I don’t think Oliver really minds that threat, but whatever.  Also, Thea walks by and gets all pissy at Ollie for judging her for her underage drinking/drug habits, which is getting old really fast.  We get it, you're using drugs to make the pain from being rich go away.  It hurts so bad...

Meanwhile, Detective Lance and Somers chat about Oliver’s excursion.  Somers straight up lies about the attack, leading Lance to get even more upset, as there’s arrows and arrow holes strewn all around the docks, but leaves when Somers reminds Lance that he has a conflict of interest due to Laurel’s involvement in the Nocenti case.

The next morning, Moira and Walter take Ollie to see the Queen Industries offices.  Moira reminds Oliver how much he used to love coming into the office with his father as a child, to which Ollie explains that his dad gave him soda at the office. After they settle in, Walter tells Oliver that they’re planning on opening a new Applied Sciences building named after his father and want to use the groundbreaking ceremony to announce that Oliver will be joining Queen Industries in a leadership position.  Ollie’s not thrilled by this development and acts like a bit of an ass, causing Moira to get upset and Walter and Diggle to stand around awkwardly. 

After Oliver and Diggle leave the office, Diggle tells Oliver that his time in Afghanistan has taught him that home is the real battlefield.  That lovely phrase somehow triggers Oliver to flashback to the island where he protects his father’s body from getting eaten by gulls.  Damn gulls.  Also, Detective Lance shows up to give Laurel protective custody and reminds her that the Chinese Triad is serious business.  Simultaneously, Martin Somers meets with China White (Kelly Hu), the real bad guy for the episode, who tells him that she plans to kill Laurel, presumably to take attention away from her awful wig.  Seriously, it’s awful.

Ollie overhears from the television that Martin Somers isn’t planning to testify at the Nocenti trial and deals with his sister discovering all the scars ruining/enhancing his super toned chest.  She asks how Oliver got all those scars, a question Ollie’s not ready to flashback answer yet.  Thea’s not happy that Oliver’s not ready to open up about his traumatic five year vacation and takes Ollie to the gravestones that she and her mother put up for Oliver and his dad in the backyard.  Thea tells Ollie that he needs to open up to someone…

And that’s exactly what Oliver does.  Ollie goes over to Laurel’s apartment and explains to Laurel what a damaged jerk he is and how he doesn’t want to hurt her and all sorts of other feeling stuff.  He then pulls out a tub of ice cream for the two of them to eat over candles and proceeds to bore Laurel with how he doesn’t want to join Queen Industries.  Luckily for Laurel, the Chinese Triad crashes through the window to break up Oliver’s sobfest.  After two gunmen shootsup her apartment without landing a single shot on either Laurel or Ollie,  China White arrives to finish the job. 

Luckily, Diggle arrives to save the day and takes out two gunmen before being subdued by China White.  Before China can stab Diggle, Oliver throws a kitchen knife to knock the knife out of her hands, forcing her to flee before the police arrive.   When the police get there, Detective Lance tells Diggle to run through all the red lights he wants for saving his daughter before yelling at Ollie for having the audacity to bring his bodyguarded ass over to Laurel’s apartment to facilitate her not getting assassinated.  After all, that protective detail that he assigned to Laurel was so effective (Diggle found them dead in the guard).  Who’s hoping that Lance bites it in the next few episodes?

Back at Queen Manor, Diggle confronts Oliver about his epic kitchen knife throw.  Ollie brushes it off and leaves, but not before Diggle tells Oliver that he knows there’s more to him than the rich playboy persona.  I’m glad that at least one person has figured out that the vigilante running around shooting people seems to sync up with Oliver coming back from the dead.

After the botched hit, Somers tries to flee Starling City. Unfortunately for him, Oliver arrives  to shoot up all of his guards with arrows (probably killing a few in the process) and chase him into this big cylindrical room.  Oliver proceeds to use the classic “Pin the bad guy’s clothes into the wall” trick on Somers and coerces him into confessing his involvement in Nocenti’s murder.  China White then arrives to briefly fight Oliver before the police finally arrive to break things up. 

As police storm the scenesLance manages to briefly hold up Oliver before the archer uses a nifty throwing knife/mp3 player to knock Lance’s gun away and escapes.  That throwing knife/mp3 player contains a recording of Somers’ coerced confession, which even Quentin seems to be impressed by.  Technology, it’s crazy!   

The next day, Oliver shows up at the dedication ceremony to his father’s applied sciences building and fake-drunkenly tells the gathering (which includes Tommy and Laurel) that he’s not half the man his father was and to stop asking him to be his father before walking away sadly.  Also, Tommy tells Laurel not to tell Oliver about their little fling because it might cause Oliver to do something crazy, like dress up in green and shoot bad guys with arrows. 

Dinah’s dad arrives at Laurel’s office to hear the television explain that Somers had been arrested due to that coerced confession and his Triad ties.  Detective Lance and Laurel argue over whether or not Arrow’s good for the city.  “He kills people!  With his armpits!” exclaims Lance before vowing to bring Oliver in.

Back at Queen Castle, Oliver crosses another name off his list. A flashback reveals that Oliver found the book in his father’s pants pocket before he buried him.  However, the book’s blank save for a weird map symbol thingy.  Meanwhile, Moira has a rendezvous with a mystery man.  Moira tells the mystery men that Oliver obviously knows nothing about anything and especially doesn’t know that Queen’s yacht had been sabotaged to explode.  The mystery man says nothing but opens a box or something that has the same symbol as the one found on Oliver’s book!

While that’s going on, Oliver has a chat with his dad’s gravestone.  Oliver tells his dad that in order to honor his wishes, sometimes he has to dishonor his memory.  Oliver then orders some maintenance men to take down his gravestone since he doesn’t need it anymore.  Diggle asks him if he’s planning on “going out” that night, to which Oliver replies “definitely”.   Yeah, Diggle knows what’s up.

The episode ends with a flashback.  Oliver buries his dad on Purgatory Island.  Then he gets shot.  By an arrow.  Shot by a hooded dude.  On the Island.  CRAZY!

So, that's this week's Arrow recap.  Was anyone else disappointed by the lack of Diggle confronting Ollie over his armpit death grip last episode?  How many people did Oliver kill tonight?  Three?  Four?  More?  Are you glad that at least Detective Lance acknowledges that ARROWS SHOT IN CHESTS CAN BE FATAL?  How many times did the show's writers use the television to advance the plot?

Next week, we’ll probably learn who shot Ollie.  Also, we’ll see Ollie try not to get shot by Deadshot.  That’ll be fun.  


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