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Project Eternity from Obsidian Destroys Fundraising Goals

Written by xaraan on Thursday, October 18 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
Project Eternity from Obsidian Destroys Fundraising Goals

RPG video game makers Obsidian smashed their own fundraising goals and Kickstarters game-fundraising records with their upcoming 'Project Eternity' game.

October 18, 2012

   A little over a month ago, video game makers, Obsidian, after failing to get industry support for their game concept, started a Kickstarter project in an attempt to fund it and start it on their own.  They set a goal of $1.1 million and within 27 hours after launching the Kickstarter had already surpassed the goal.  For the next month, they began adding to the game as fundraising grew higher and higher.  Now at the end of their Kickstarter campaign, Obsidian  has raised $3,986,929 through the program as well as an additional $176,279 through PayPal donations, reaching all of its stretch goals.

  A game that looked amazing to begin with is now incredibly fleshed out with more features and options.  Support for Mac and Linus has been added in addition to the original PC platform, Obsidian will also offer a DRM-free version through for those players that don't want to use Steam and Mac and Linux support for this option may be in the works as well.  Several language options have been added to the game (Russian, French, German and Spanish), a live score soundtrack and Expert difficulty level.  Obsidian also plans to offer mod support for the game.

   Project Eternity will be a medieval fantasy RPG, though some primative firearms may be available.  The world revolves around the concept of souls.  In addition to powering magic and abilities, it is also the center of the various religions in the game.  Past lives, reincarnation (in various forms), wakened souls, and more play a part in world beliefs.

   More classes and races have been added to the game as the Kickstarter project grew.  A total of eleven classes: Barbarians, Ciphers (A type of magic user), Fighters, Priests, Rogues, Wizards, Paladins, Chanters (similar to Bards), Rangers, Monks, and Druids;  and six races: Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Orlan, Godlike (similar to plane-touched races in D&D), and Aumaua, will be available to players.

   Again, thanks to fundraising goals being surpassed, players will now get a home and the chance to command a stronghold and it's surrounding lands.  They can be customized and will offer their own adventures for some more light-hearted play between quests.  An Adventurer's Hall has also been added if you wish to build a team from mercenaries instead of organically through the game's story.

   Character leveling will be paced slow and no top level limit has been listed yet.  Skills come in combat and non-combat variety.  They use separate resources so they don't conflict with each other.   Intelligence and Charisma will affect speech as well as ability modifiers. Health and Stamina will be the attributes to watch in combat.  Deplete stamina and fall unconscious, lose your health completely and be maimed (or killed in Expert mode - with no way back).

   Combat will not be completely turn based, going with the real-time with pause style and although you can try to go at it solo, the game is party-based in design.  So, much like the turn based RPG's they developed in the past, a player can build a party with NPCs to compliment each others abilities.

   Crafting and Enchanting has been added.  Two massive cities have also been added in    addition to the playable areas first detailed when the project started.  One of the more interesting additions is a mega dungeon called "The Endless Paths" that began as a three level dungeon and has now grown to fifteen levels due to acheiving various fundraising goals.



   Project Eternity will be heavy on textual storytelling and dialogue. Even though it raised record breaking money for a Kickstarter project, $4 million is still far short of the kind of money spent creating Skyrim and similar modern RPG games.  Obsidian has a spring of 2014 release set as their target.



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