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Comic Industrialist of the Year Award Nominee: Xaraan

Written by The Outhouse Newsroom on Monday, December 17 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
Comic Industrialist of the Year Award Nominee: Xaraan

Another nominee for the most prestigious award ever to be handed out on the Internet.

Source: The Outhouse Newsroom

The Outhouse Newsroom has decided to honor the best and brightest the comic book industry has to offer by naming one lucky schmuck "Comic Industrialist of the Year". The Comic Industrialist of the Year is that special person who we feel has contributed the most to the comic book industry this year. It could be a writer, an artist, an editor, a journalist, a fictional character, or someone else entirely. All that matters is that we feel they're somehow important to the comic book industry.

We'll be naming one nominee each business day through the end of the year (unless we forget about it posting a nominee). We'll announce the winner on the 31st.  

Today's Nominee:  Xaraan


  • Skyrim and Movie Correspondent for the Outhouse, the twelfth most popular comic book satire site on the planet.
  • Creator of the soon-to-be award winning webcomic Journey Through Skyrim.
  • Runs the Outhouse tumblr along with Reading Realms, a book blog that runs on the Outhouse.
  • Dating/engaged/married to Alima, who is way out of his league.
  • Has a website devoted to a gif featuring his junk.  And by junk, I mean genitals.

Notable Accomplishments in 2012

  • Wrote a Skyrim article that got the Outhouse hundreds of thousands of hits and lots of money in ad revenue, thus allowing us to pay for a diamond bedazzler for Jude.  The article was linked to by every major gaming site known to man.
  • Managed not to blow it with Alima, who remains out of his league.
  • Participated in three e-fights this year, with an overall record of 2-0-1.
  • Brutally assaulted the English language, leading to his defriending on Facebook by two people, one of whom wrote a scathing 1,000 word essay about it.
  • Has read approximately 25 comics in 2012. 

Why He Should Win the Award

Out of all the nominees, he's the only one who has earned the Outhouse money.  Also, he's bald.

Why He Shouldn't Win the Award

He's currently the subject of a multi-state manhunt due to his felony level assault on the English language. Also, it's debatable whether he's actually part of the Comic Book Industry.  Also, he's bald.

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