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Yamato Not Sunk Yet? [Small Update]

Written by sdsichero on Friday, December 28 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
Yamato Not Sunk Yet? [Small Update]

It looks like the U.S. live-action version of Yamato may still be alive.

Source: McQuarrie On "Mission Impossible 5" & Beyond

In a rountable interview with Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, X-Men, The Wolverine), the screenwriter noted that Star Blazers may be getting close to winning in the rights negotiation battle.


… there’s one last piece in the chain that needs to be worked out and when that’s done I would immediately be able to start writing that.

So sort of close, yet far. But not dead. Yet.

Star Blazers is the 1979 adaptation of the 1974 Space Battleship Yamato (宇宙戦艦ヤマト Uchū Senkan Yamato) anime. The story revolves around the intrepid crew of the Yamato (in Star Blazers, The Argo) to retrieve a device to save the Earth which will die in a year. The Yamato is a repurposed World War II Japanese battleship filled with experimental technoliges. Not only are they on a deadline, they are also being pursued by the deadly Gamilas (Gamilons).

UPDATE: 10-30-13

Deadline is reporting that Christopher McQuarrie is indeed set to write and direct the Star Blazers movie. So this ship is slowing launching from the docks... We'll keep an eye out for more.

UPDATE 2: 09-08-14

Yeah, it's confirmed: "Space Battleship Yamato" Hollywood Remake Film Confirmed by Japanese Side

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