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Geoff Johns On Hawkman' In 'Justice League Of America'

Written by IvCNuB4 on Friday, February 01 2013 and posted in News with Benefits
Geoff Johns On Hawkman' In 'Justice League Of America'

Johns discusses Hawkman and his role in the new JLA title

Source: Newsarama

Having already written Hawkman in both the previous Hawkman title and in JSA, Geoff Johns discusses his approach for the New52 Hawkman in the upcoming title Justice League of America

"This Hawkman's a different Hawkman than the one I wrote in Justice Society of America, who was a little more regal, as the reincarnated warrior," he said. "But this is an extra-terrestrial from Thanagar."


Hawkman uses the name "Carter Hall" currently, but he's actually an alien from the planet Thanagar.  Katar Hol was born to a race of Thanagarian warriors, although he was a man of peace. After a powerful enemy of Thanager engineered a plague that caused them to lose all their wings, the war-minded Thanagarian emperor, Corsar, began mining Nth Metal to make armor and weapons. When the Nth Metal came into contact with Katar Hol, it bonded to him and formed his Hawkman uniform organically, restoring his wings. 
Upcoming Hawkman writer Tom DeFalco adds "When I think of Hawkman, I see a warrior who was betrayed by the world he loved and routinely put himself at risk to protect. After being exiled on Earth, Katar Hol was forced to adopt the identity of Carter Hall and is now at war with himself and those who threaten his adopted planet. Carter yearns for a simple life, but Katar revels in the power that his Nth Metal gives him. Carter seeks knowledge, but Katar is hunter in search of prey."
Johns also promises we'll learn about Hawkman pretty quickly in the new JLA series.
"This Hawkman... you'll know clearly where Hawkman's coming from — why he's here, what he's doing, and a bit of a mystery about him in issue #1," Johns said. "Then in issue #2, you'll see him interact with the team in a way that is extremely different than how we've ever seen Hawkman interact with a team before."
"Hawkman isn't much of a team player, and he keeps a bit of mystery between himself and the rest of the team members. He just shows up, beats someone up, then disappears and no one knows where he goes," Johns added.
Justice League of America #1 by Geoff Johns and David Finch will be on sale February 20.

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