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Does Marvel Know That Hong Kong's Not in Japan?

Does Marvel Know That Hong Kong's Not in Japan?

A new Avengers cover is decidedly Japanese influenced, despite the issue taking place in China.

Source: Comic Book Movie

We'll let you decide whether this new Avengers cover is a bit racist or not.  The cover is for Avengers #11, which has a team of Avengers heading to Hong Kong for a bit.  The cover plays off of this by dressing up all the Avengers (save for Shang-Chi) in Japanese inspired outfits.  Spider-Woman dresses up as a Sailor/Japanese Schoolgirl, Captain Marvel becomes a samurai, Cannonball is some sort of mecha/Power Ranger and Sunspot is a ninja.

 There's only one problem with this cover: Hong Kong's not in Japan.

So we're left with three options:

1)  Marvel mixed up their geography and thought that Hong Kong's in Japan instead of China.

2)  Marvel's a bit racist and decided that China is basically the same thing as Japan because...well Asians.

3) The Avengers are going to be making a pit stop in Japan that we don't know about. 

At least Shang-Chi is homaging Bruce Lee, so at least the Chinese guy is dressed for the occasion.  I guess this does open up the possibility that the cover shows Shang-Chi running away from all of his embarassing white (and Brazilian) friends before they embarass him with their stunning lack of knowledge about Chinese culture. 

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