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Does Marvel Know That Hong Kong's Not in Japan?

Written by ThanosCopter on Monday, February 11 2013 and posted in News with Benefits
Does Marvel Know That Hong Kong's Not in Japan?

A new Avengers cover is decidedly Japanese influenced, despite the issue taking place in China.

Source: Comic Book Movie

We'll let you decide whether this new Avengers cover is a bit racist or not.  The cover is for Avengers #11, which has a team of Avengers heading to Hong Kong for a bit.  The cover plays off of this by dressing up all the Avengers (save for Shang-Chi) in Japanese inspired outfits.  Spider-Woman dresses up as a Sailor/Japanese Schoolgirl, Captain Marvel becomes a samurai, Cannonball is some sort of mecha/Power Ranger and Sunspot is a ninja.

 There's only one problem with this cover: Hong Kong's not in Japan.

So we're left with three options:

1)  Marvel mixed up their geography and thought that Hong Kong's in Japan instead of China.

2)  Marvel's a bit racist and decided that China is basically the same thing as Japan because...well Asians.

3) The Avengers are going to be making a pit stop in Japan that we don't know about. 

At least Shang-Chi is homaging Bruce Lee, so at least the Chinese guy is dressed for the occasion.  I guess this does open up the possibility that the cover shows Shang-Chi running away from all of his embarassing white (and Brazilian) friends before they embarass him with their stunning lack of knowledge about Chinese culture. 

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