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Monkeybrain Comics from IDW - Now with 100% More Dead Trees

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, February 27 2013 and posted in News with Benefits
Monkeybrain Comics from IDW - Now with 100% More Dead Trees

Chris Roberson's Monkeybrain Comics adds "destroying the environment" to its already lofty goal of "ruining the print comics industry with widely available, reasonably priced digital comics."

Source: Press Release

The Outhouse applauded last year when popular writer Chris Roberson left DC Comics in protest of their treatment of comics legend and skilled wizard Alan Dumblemoore to start his own all-digital comic book company, Monkeybrain. We're big fans of the company, and not just because we appreciate projects that are motivated by revenge or because we want to see the antiquated print model for books and comics go the way of the dinosaurs. We like Monkeybrain because they make damn good comics and they sell them at very reasonable prices on Comixology.

Today, IDW sent us a press release announcing that they will be collecting Monkeybrain's comics and publishing print editions, starting with Roberson and artist Dennis Culver's Edison Rex in June, followed shortly thereafter by the fantastic Amelia Cole and the Unknown World, Red Light Properties, Wander, and more. As much as we love Monkeybrain and are happy for their success, we do have to admit we're mildly worried that the comics will lose their elitist, hipster charm when they can be purchased willy nilly by all the paper-comic-reading bourgeois scum at regular old local comic shops. Nevertheless, we're trying to keep an open mind.

After all, there's a bright side to this. While digital comics are clearly the future, and while the availability of them at anything less than ridiculously inflated prices will surely result in the destruction of the comic industry as we know it, or so many physical retailers would have us believe, it may be that Monkeybrain dipping their toes into the world of print will speed things along. After all, killing pulping trees by the thousands to make paper to print funny books that could much more effectively be viewed on a tablet screen will only hasten the eventual depletion of the resource, which means people will have no choice but to enter the 21st century and start reading on a digital device.

Well, either that, or DC head honcho Dan Didio will have to share his secret personal method of printing comics on the hides of baby seals he personally bludgeoned to death with a sack full of Watchmen toasters during his last expedition to the North Pole. Allegedly.

In the long run, no one is going to miss the trees. Trees are widely regarded as the stupidest of all large plant-life, and they serve no real purpose beyond being a handy surface to scratch your back with if you happen to be a bear. And maybe their deaths will have some meaning, as they could lead to more people finding out how awesome Monkeybrain Comics are.

So bravo, Monkeybrain Comics and IDW. You're making the world a better place, one dead tree at a time.

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