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New Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Info from Q&A with Developers

Written by xaraan on Sunday, March 03 2013 and posted in News with Benefits
New Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Info from Q&A with Developers

Another translated article brings us more details on CD Projekt RED's 'Witcher 3: Wild Hunt'.

Source: got to visit CD Projekt RED's offices recently and ask the devs a few questions about the upcoming game.

   In talking about the atmosphere of the game and how it compares to the others, the game seemed to have a very 'Skryim' feel to the footage:

What they showed was actually closer to Skyrim in athmosphere. But they showed only the northern region, and the game will have two more. One of them is the No Man’s Land, which will, actually, have the slavic feeling to it, like what we’ve seen in the first Witcher. And the second region is the gigantic Novigrad, essentially the capital of the Witcher universe (ED: he’s obviously exaggerating). And there the athmosphere will be closer to the one in The Witcher 2: something like medieval Europe on the verge of the Renaissance Era.

The demo takes place in the north, the setting resembles Skyrim and The Wall from A Song Of Ice and Fire. Jarls, horned helmets, cliffs with waves pounding on them: all as it should be.

About the ecosystem: there will be random encounters. If you ride through the forest, you can see bandits robbing a caravan, or wolfs hunting a deer. Some of these encounters will be one-time and scripted, while the others will be generated randomly. How often do you hav these encounters couldn’t be seen yet.

   They went on to talk about the new game engine, covering some details we already mentioned in our earlier Witcher 3 article, the ability to jump and climb, no invisible barriers blocking character, huge open spaces, etc.  The music was also mentioned as being exceptionally good, using the same main composer as prior Witcher games.

   The overall impressions of gameplay and the new engine:

The combat is somwhere in between the one of The Witcher 2 and the one of The Witcher 1. It is slower than in The Witcher 2, and requires more thought. The number of different strikes and combos increased fivefold, and they heavily depend on timing. If you press the button a second earlier, Geralt will strike in one way. A second later, in a different way.

And the developers said that, citing them, “Geralt will no longer turn his back on foes”.

The open world runs on the principle that “there is always something interesting on the horizon”. Go anywhere, look around and you will see either a tower, or a lighthouse, or a village. In Skyrim, that’s how the Radar worked, but here it’s for real.

There will be a possibility to fight mounted! Not as the main part of the gameplay, on the contrary, Geralt is much more effective on his feet, did he study martial arts for nothing? But the very possibility to hit someone without dismounting will exist.

   Also, some general fanboy questions were covered, like was the game interesting? "Very" he answered.  What's changed? "The size of the world, the combat, the story. Well, everything." and What about Geralt's relations with women? "There are long branching love stories, and the one-night sex options as well. Brothels included. But what to choose is in the player's hands, Geralt is up for anything."  They did get to more specifics concerning alchemy, however:

They again merged the approaches [to alchemy] of the first two games. There will be more options and more possibilites for experimentation, but there will still be a separate menu for this.

I cannot tell you about how one advances in alchemy, but I can tell something about drinking of the potions. You can drink them only before the combat starts, as before, but now you can ACTIVATE them during the combat. This is logical, since witchers can control their methabolism and tell their body to start processing certain substances at will. So there will be planning involved (you’ll have to decide which potions will you need against this particular opponent), and also an option to activate them precisely when needed.

   Concerning the news about islands and boat travel playing a part in the game, they asked about Geralt's swimming ability:

Geralt will be able to swim, and how well! But he will have stamina, so not every island may be visited with out boat. And in cold water stamina will drain much more rapid, so at north boat is necessary. By the way one of the quests related to that. You arrive to the island, but boat get sunk.

   A bit more was covered in the Q&A, but most of the additional questions received vague answers or "it's a secret, I can't talk about that yet" type answers.  To see the full Q&A head over to for the translation.

   Earlier this week we posted a full rundown of known features of the upcoming game as well as over a dozen screenshots, so check it out for more info!

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