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Sam Raimi Say He Write Evil Dead 4 This Summer

Sam Raimi Say He Write Evil Dead 4 This Summer

Frank no get phone call yet!

Source: Sam Raimi To Write Evil Dead 4 This Year

Sam Raimi tell reporters on red carpet for Oz: The Great And Powerful that he and his brother write script for Evil Dead 4 this summer!  This good news! It Groovy!  Frank like Evil Dead movies because Ash stupid and make Frank feel not so dumb!

Raimi say that he write movie because fans force him to! Good fans! Fans always know best, except when they no read Frank’s comic and it get canceled, then fans no know anything!  Rami say that so far they already write:

…some dialogue. Ash being an idiot. Ash taking some abuse. Some character stuff and then some structure of Act Two. Just other possibilities for things that could happen. It's ideas, jokes, things we'd like to see.

Frank like jokes, they funny! Here joke – Why women wear make-up and perfume? Because they ugly and smell bad! Frank funny!

Raimi say that Bruce “the Chin” Campbell in his mind to be Ash! That even better news because Frank and Chin (should) be great friends and Frank happy to see his (should be) best friend in movie!  Frank never see any Evil Dead movies on big screen, and Frank want to!  Usually Frank have to wait till lights go off in theaters to be allowed in because Frank scare children!  Frank like to scare children because they stupid and small and Frank want step on them.  Frank no allowed to step opn kids anymore, Bride of Frank say so, now Frank have to settle for their screams of terror!

Terror good! Fire bad!

Deadites Bad! Frank no Deadite!

Evil Dead 4 no out anytime soon but script best be done by end of 2013 or Frank get angry and you no like Frank when he angry because he make friends with Hulks on twitter and they smash Raimi if no do what Frank says!


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