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Marvel Gets Mad in New Teaser!

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, March 04 2013 and posted in News with Benefits
Marvel Gets Mad in New Teaser!

No, Wolverine is not teaming up with Paul Reiser and Alfred E. Newman! It's Joe Maduerira, fools! And yes, we made a Mad About You reference in 2013.

Source: Press Release

Marvel Comics sent out a teaser today titled "Get Mad" which features Wolverine as drawn by superstar artist Joe Madureira. The easily distracted artist was last seen when he started up the new Avenging Spider-Man book, on which he remaining for a career-high three issues before getting bored and disappearing. It looks like Marvel has attracted Joe's fleeting attention once more, and he may be bringing a much needed Wolverine book to the marketplace soon.

To talk about the upcoming project, we contacted Joe Madureira for an interview, but his agent informed us that he went out to lunch with J. Michael Straczynski three weeks ago and the pair have not returned yet because they keep deciding on a place to eat and then changing their minds before their orders arrive. So, we just made the one up instead:

Outhouse: Joe, are you excited to be working on a new project for Marvel?

Joe Madureira: I'm totally excited.

OH: That's great! What do...

JM: I'm kind of excited.

OH: Oh...

JM: I'm getting bored with it, actually.

OH: But you haven't even...

JM: Yeah, I'm gonna do something else.

OH: Well, we're sorry to...

JM: Nevermind, I'm excited again.

OH: Oh, good!

JM: What were we talking about again?

Joe had to cut the interview short as someone started waving a laser pointer around the floor and he wanted to chase the dot around. Check out the teaser below, and, if you're a penciller, send Marvel your resume right away. We hear they're going to be in desperate need of fill-in artists pretty soon after June 2013.

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