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Rick Remender Urges Naysayers to Drown in Hobo Piss

Written by ThanosCopter on Thursday, March 28 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Rick Remender Urges Naysayers to Drown in Hobo Piss

Remender responds to criticism in a classic Marvel manner.

Source: Twitter

Unsurprisingly, Rick Remender's Uncanny Avengers #5 has managed to upset a few people.  No, it's not the shoddy characterization or the vague fascist undertones that have upset the Internet this week, it's a speech given by Captain America syncophant/stormtrooper Havok.  In the speech, Havok denounces his attachment to the word "mutant", decrying it as a divisive term and stating that he'd much rather be known as part of a larger, more inclusive group. 

Several commentators have pointed out that this is a pretty alarming and disturbing mentality, one that promotes urging minorities to fit into societal norms instead of having their differences accepted by society.  Those commentators argue that its akin to whitewashing, and that it's pretty disturbing to see the Avengers promote and condone this mentality.

Luckily, Remender reached out to his critics and addressed their concerns with a level of class usually shown by Steve Wacker.


Hobo piss!  Now there's a retort to criticism if I ever heard one.  In Remender's defense, it does appear that he was referring to fans kvetching about 20 year old continuity.  If that's the case, Remender isn't being harsh enough.  Death by hobo piss is too kind of a punishment for those who actually cite and reference X-Men books from the 90s.

Remender also urges a fan to suck Havok's "shiny red dick" after the fan notes Havok's recent turn to government lapdog.  While we were unaware that Havok was afflicted with some sort of genital rash, we certainly hope that it's a plot point that gets addressed and resolved in the near future.  We'd hate for the character to be even more dickless than he already is.

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