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Saints Row 4: What's Different?

Written by Eric Ratcliffe on Thursday, March 28 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Saints Row 4: What's Different?

Superstar reporter Eric Ratcliffe brough back the scoop on Saints Row 4 from Pax East!

So if there’s one game I was excited for during PAX East, one game that I was surprised and happily pleased with the fact that it wasn’t dead due to the publisher going under, one game that I really, absolutely was looking forward to even hearing the possibility of a sequel for, it was Saints Row. So, of course, I completely jumped at the chance to learn more about the new game and what we can kind expect after the craziness that was Saints Row 3.

So what’s so different about this sequel and just what can you expect? Well let’s jump right in!

Change #1: You as the leader of the Saints are now the President of the USA

Yup, you read that right. Somehow the biggest celebrity in the world of Saints Row has gained the greatest seat of power in the United states. It wasn’t explained how this happened or how the saints achieved such goals, but it should be interesting to see if it changes up specific gameplay mechanics throughout the game.

Change #2: Fighting the Zin

Yup, the main force to deal with in this game is no longer rival gangs or men looking to take everything from you. This time around, you’ve been abducted by aliens bent on taking over the planet. They’ve kidnapped the president and his whole cabinet and are trying to break your will inside of a virtual reality simulation.

Change #3: New Weapons

More specifically the inflato ray and the dub-step gun. I’m just going to give you a minute to process that last one. You read that correctly, there is now a dub-step gun and it does exactly what you think it does. People are falling all over the place, cars are flipping over and it sounds like Skrillex is playing everywhere as tiny bolts of triangle looking energy are shot everywhere.

The inflato ray is a bit different than the dub-step gun; as the inflato ray is shot, it blows up the targets proportions to cartoonish levels, and if you hold it too long… they will flat out explode.

During my press time, the developers hinted at the fact that there would be more new weapons, but didn’t elaborate on what they were. But with these two weapons revealed we can only imagine what else could be awaiting us.

Change #4: Super Powers (Freezing,flight, telekinesis, speed)

For those that didn’t pay three, there was a very short segment where a nerdy helper grants you super powers. (Johnny Gat’s revenge DLC) and in that limited amount of time your strength and speed were increased.

In the demo footage that we were shown, this is a new permanent attribute throughout the game. You have ice blasts, Tactile telekinesis, super speed and super strength. You can also combine and use these abilities together with whatever arsenal you’ve unlocked to do extra damage. Almost similar to the bioshock franchise but in third person.

Change #5: Mechs!

Yup if the cards weren’t built in your favor for an already insane enough as it is sandbox game, the saints row development team has given you giant robots to wreak havoc with. You have to unlock through a mission but when you do, you can basically use it throughout your game. Plus it looks awesome.

Change #6: Customizing weapons and even more additions to character creation!

In my conference we were shown glimpses at new customization options. Basically your weapon will act exactly like it should but if you want, you can make a rocket launcher look exactly like a guitar case or like a classic NES rocket launcher.

Another really cool and surprising thing to hear about customization wise was the ability to pitch shift your characters voice. Which you don’t really hear about being used too often in gaming. So really these new options change up an already impressive customizable character. (I mean if you really think about the implications and major differences here, you could basically be playing a female president among other options!)

Closing thoughts:

I’m pretty excited for the game, loved Saints Row 3 and just how over the top it was made it all the more fun to play through. This takes all of that and adds independence day and the matrix type material to an already insane playground.

Release date:

August 20th, 2013.

Official teaser trailers:

Lots more PAX East coverage coming from me this week, from a best of the show to the cool free stuff I got during it. Keep an eye out for it!


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