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Wondercon: Geek & Sundry Panel

Written by xaraan on Monday, April 01 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Wondercon: Geek & Sundry Panel

In one of the few packed to capacity rooms of the convention, Felicia Day hosted a panel all about her Geek & Sundry network.

    With co-runner of Geek & Sundry Sheri Bryant and Sam and Jordan of their new show Fetch Quest, Felicia Day offered fans a taste of things to come.  With a quick video showing off some of the new shows for 'season two': Felicia's Ark, Space Janitors, Fetch Quest, TableTop, and Player One(s).

   Sheri offers Sam and Jordan a chance to talk about how they came to work with Geek & Sundry with their new show: Fetch Quest before getting to audience questions.



Sam: Like all shows on Geek & Sundry, Felicia goes to people's houses and knocks on their door when people are chosen, kind of like Publisher's Sweepstakes.  She has a big check, it's amazing.

Jordan: Not that big.

Felicia: It's still web video guys.

Jordan: Sam and I worked together on another video game goof-show called Game Stain and I think the Geek & Sundry folks saw that and liked it, and kind of wanted a comparible version with a Geek & Sundry spin.  So we assembled with that old team and some of the best writers we knew that were serious gamers to put this together.

Sam:  In case you didn't catch in it the clip, it's basically sketches about games, songs about games, lots of music in it, so if you like games or know that games exist you will find something funny in this.... It's animated, a lot of the voices you hear are from really cool comedians as well as the voice actors from the actual games we're spoofing on.

Felicia: And you had said something really cool about the animator on the show?

Jordan: Yes, his name is D0mix, with a zero, instead of an "o".  He has a really cool web cartoon that's very confessional and personal, it's all about his personal life, his dating embarrassments... he always slips in this terrific video game references.  Even though his show isn't about that, he's a hardcore gamer.  



    In Wil Wheaton's absence (there was a huge TableTop event the following day that he was hosting and preparing for), Felicia takes over the duties of offering up what the next season of TableTop has in store for fans.  On the premiere episode next they are playing Formula D, a game out of all the others, she said was her favorite.  A claim you easily believed as you watched her geek out over the small details of the game.  'A lot of the games are like that', she tells us, they tried to find games people had never seen before for this season.  When asked about the Cards against Humanity game, they worry that it might be a bit negative to have on the show, but that Wil loves it and they often play it at events.

   An audience member asks about the possibility of them having author guest stars on Vaginal Fantasy (a book review group meeting on video once a month to discuss books in the a genre Felicia has coined 'vanginal fantasies').  She seems hesitant about the idea, thinking that having authors there in front of people will keep everyone from really offering the full opinions on books. 

   A gentleman in a 'The Wesley Crushers' t-shirt asks what some of the bigger challenges are as the channel grows.  Felicia hands this one off to Sheri, who keeps everything going behind the scenes as a business.

It's a good question as we think about growth and how we keep out integrity of the brand and at the same time doing more shows... a couple initiatives we are doing this year is possibly going off youtube as well and maybe venturing into television and into tech.  We don't have an app yet, but we will.

We are small and we want to grow, but at the same time we want to our brand to stay little and intimate and still reflect all of Felicia's tastes... we're not going to grow like this (pointing straight up) we're going to grow like this (branching out like a tree).

   Felicia and Sheri go on to talk about new show concepts after a fan asks her 'what's next after the Guild?'  telling us that they have a few shows in production now and they hope to have some big announcements at SDCC this year.

   My write-up can't do the panel justice.  Questions from the audience cover all manner of subject and the panel rolls with every twist and turn with hilarious repsonses.  If you ever have a chance to check out one of the Geek & Sundry panels at a con, do so.  It's as much entertainment as information and one of the best panels I've seen.

   The new shows start today with Felicia's Ark, check out the Geek & Sundry channel for new shows daily.




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