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DC Pulls Mean-spirited April Fools Prank, Claims Astro City will Come to Vertigo

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, April 01 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Pulls Mean-spirited April Fools Prank, Claims Astro City will Come to Vertigo

Gullible fans were extremely upset to think that the popular comic would be ignored and undervalued at the failing imprint, and eventually absorbed into the DCnU.

Source: DC Blog

The internet was rife with people trying to be funny today, as thousands of comic book websites tried their hands at making farcical articles about the comic book industry as part of the tradition of April Fools Day. However, since, unlike The Outhouse, most comic book websites are humorless and uptight, most of these jokes fell flat. Furthermore, since most comic book fans are also humorless and uptight, many of the pranks caused real distress, none moreso than DC Comics' own prank claiming that Kurt Busiek's popular Astro City comic would be coming to Vertigo.

Fans have long been anticipating the demise of the struggling imprint, with the ousting of Karen Berger and the drive to move all former DCU characters out of their critically acclaimed and successful Vertigo books and into watered down, lamer versions in the DCnU. In fact, not a single piece of news has come out about the imprint that has boded well at least two years. That's why fans of Astro City were shocked and upset when they read the DC blog post announcing the Astro City acquisition.

"I was shocked and upset when I read the DC blog post announcing the Astro City acquisition," said Ryan Kelly, an Astro City fan from Charlotte, NC. "I've been following Astro City since it first debuted in 1995, and I will be very sad to see the comic prematurely canceled and its characters shoehorned into implausible roles in the new DC Universe."

We reached out to new DC Comics co-publisher Pinhead for comment on the misguided practical joke, but he would only tell us, cryptically, "temptation is illusion. But the time for trickery is past. In this game, we show ourselves as we really are."

Look, nobody wants to see a beloved property like Astro City fall into neglect at a comic book imprint that is viewed by its parent company as a burden, good for nothing more than heartless movie adaptations. But fans, you have to remember what day it is. We're sure that Astro City will find a home at a comic book publishers that actually cares about quality comics and will treat it with the respect it...

Hang on, what's that? Oh. Oh my.

Readers, I've been informed that DC's blog post actually came out yesterday, on March 31st. So long, Astro City. It was nice knowing you.

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