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Marvel Illegally Ransacks Frank’s House!

Written by Frankenstein, Former Agent of S.H.A.D.E. on Thursday, April 11 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Illegally Ransacks Frank’s House!

Frank is going to have to have talk with ADT Security!


Frank not sure when it happen, but at some point humans lose all respect and fear for monsters. Maybe it because of internet, maybe TV desensitize humans to monsters, or Church doctrine that say monsters no exist brainwash everyone, but it happen, and Frank is not amused! Just this week, Frank learned that Marvel Comics had sent intruder to Frank’s house (probably ninja, Marvel loves ninjas almost as much as G.I. Joe) and stole corpses of dead villains and heroes out of Frank’s “special occasion” deep freezer! All so they could make Uncanny Avengers even worse!

Look at that! Marvel no content with Uncanny Avengers being biggest disappointment since Secret Avengers, they no happy making Havoc lamer than he already was, they no resting on making Avengers fascists, now Marvel want everyone drop book for fear of reading Sentry story again!

They all dead! They all legally belong to Frank and family of Frank! Frank picked up Daken as special present for Son Of Frank’s not-birthday! Marvel ninja ruin party!

Why do this? No one missing Sentry or Daken, and frank have to look up who Grimm Reaper was! Then there Banshee (Frank guessing), he good character who killed off by fake 3rd Summers brother (ADAM X REPRESENT!) but he dead and no one but Theresa think he should come back. Also, didn’t Marvel just tell this story with Necrosha? They even look same as dead mutants did in that, actually good, crossover!

Frank no happy that Marvel break in, they steal from family of Frank, and they make bad book worse! Only bright side is that Uncanny Avengers #10 probably no come out until 2019, and by then no one remember how bad Sentry or Daken was or Necrosha, but fans still no like Age Of Ultron, that book worse that turd burgers for diner.

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