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Media Research Center Tries, Fails to Address "Gaying" of Comics

Written by ThanosCopter on Tuesday, April 16 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Media Research Center Tries, Fails to Address

The MRC has published an unintentionally hilarious article about gays in comics.

Source: MRC

The Media Research Center has released a typo-laden article entitled "Truth, Justice and the American Gay" about the rising profile of gay characters in comic books.  The MRC, a right wing advocacy group fighting against the evil spectre of "left wing media bias", has pointed out just how gay comics have become in recent months, which according to them is a bad thing.

It appears that this "left wing media bias" somehow prevents them from hiring a proofreader, the article makes Bleeding Cool look like the Chicago Manual of Style.

Originally, we were going to come up with some mocking satire of the article, but they've really done our jobs for us by publishing an article that appears to be written by a sexually frustrated 16 year old who thinks the little green lines that Microsoft Word puts under his sentences is the animated paperclip agreeing with him.  Anyways, here are some highlights from the article:

The opening sentence:

Poor Sgt. Rock. Were he around today, the grizzled infantryman who’s WWII combat exploits thrilled a generation of boys might find himself sitting through sexual orientation sensitivity training

Funny how the MRC mentions a grizzled army warrior thrilling boys in the opening sentence. What sort of message are they trying to send?  By the way, that's "whose", not "who's".

Like the rest of American pop culture, comic books have increasingly included pro-gay propaganda pieces aimed at the children and young adults who read them

I don't see how the adult men who make up 85% of comics readership count as children/young adults, unless the MRC is referring to them still living in their parent's basements.  Low blow, MRC.  Low blow.

 Marvel released a comic a few weeks ago where “Wolverine and Hercules share a gay kiss,” as reported by The Huffington Post.  

If the MRC thinks that's bad, they should read Wolverine and the X-Men, which is basically a love letter to Wolverine.  Or Saga #12, which had dudes kissing (or something like that....)

In 2010, the wholesome Archie Comics debuted its first gay character (no, Jughead didn’t come out), and last year celebrated a gay wedding. Last summer, Marvel comics had its gay X-Men character “Northstar” propose to his boyfriend while DC reinvented the original Green Lantern superhero as homosexual.

... in a third-string alternate continuity universe from the regular rebooted alternate continuity universe. Personally, I feel like the MRC is giving DC too much credit for their lazy and lackluster efforts to gay their comics.   (Cue the 'Hey, I like Earth 2' comment from one of our forum members).

Archie also announced this week characters from the uber-gay tv show “Glee” will come to the comic book’s universe

The MRC has a point, characters like Will, Emma, Finn, Rachel, Puck, Quinn, Sam, and the wheelchair kid do make Glee an "uber-gay" TV show.  Funny how the MRC is cool with teenage heterosexual sex and pregnancy being discussed in frank terms, but God forbid there's a couple of kids interested in exploring their sexuality with people of the same gender!

On the other hand, defenders of traditional marriage are cast a villains every bit as evil as the Joker or Lex Luther.

These villains are so evil, the MRC can't even spell their names right!

The Huffington Post reported scathingly that Card was “anti-gay” and “homophobic” for his prior involvement with the traditional marriage non-profit The National Organization for Marriage and for past comments he made coming against the notion of gay marriage. 

And also for, you know, being "anti-gay" and "homophobic." Perhaps the MRC is jealous of the Huffington Post for its abundance of proofreaders.

Unsurprisingly, there’s no public uproar or call for writers to be fired for pushing their gay agenda, because what press this gaying of comics has gotten has been favorable.  

What can we say?  Writing 'explicit gay blowjobs' multiple times in an article really brings in the hits!

 At this rate, it’s not unimaginable that there’s a Sgt, Rock #45 in the works – a modern update in which the battle-hardened Iraq/Afghanistan vet and his life-partner save the Academy Awards from a terrorist attack.

Funny how they end the article with a pitch about a gay Sgt. Rock comic book. Wishful thinking, MRC?  Also, I'd read that comic. 

In summation: a group of nutjobs mangles the English language and simultaneously showcases their ignorance about comic books.  Nothing really to see here. 


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