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Trouble in Paradise: DC Cancels Column Due to CBR Asking Real Questions

Written by Jude Terror on Wednesday, April 17 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Trouble in Paradise: DC Cancels Column Due to CBR Asking Real Questions

DC is displeased with ComicBookResources due to the website asking DC Executives actual questions instead of delivering the expected verbal rim jobs.

Source: CBR Final B&B Column

When ComicBookResources proposed a regular Q&A column with DC Editor in Chief Bob Harras and Editorial Director Bobbie Chase, it seemed like a match made in heaven. CBR is a website that spends 99% of its time kissing the ass of big two comics publishers, and DC is a big two comics publisher that enjoys having its ass kissed. No doubt, DC was expecting questions like "who is the better Batgirl: Barbara Gordon, or Barbara Gordon?" and "would you describe the success of DC after the Nu52 reboot as amazingly spectacular, or spectacularly amazing?"

Unfortunately, someone over at CBR got the bright idea that they should actually ask the DC executives questions about the real issues concerning the comics community, such as DC's utter contempt for its fans, DC's utter contempt for the creators in its employ, DC's utter contempt for its fan favorite characters, and DC's utter contempt for people who ask questions about the aforementioned topics. We saw how well this sort of thing worked out when DC executives berated Vaneta Rogers for daring to ask perfectly reasonable questions in a Newsarama interview, and it didnt go any better for CBR, who released the following statement today:

With regret, CBR News has to inform our readers today that there will no longer be a "B&B" column on the site after only four short months.

When CBR proposed the idea of a regular column with DC's executive staff, our stated intent was for the feature to be a place to connect the decision makers at the publisher with the wider comics community. Aside from product and story information, discussing the industry news and debates of the day was something we always planned to focus on both in the regular interviews with Harras and Chase and the monthly fan Q&A. However, the DC team has made it clear to CBR that discussing some of the more controversial debates surrounding the company and the comics community is not something they feel comfortable doing in this format, and ultimately they decided to no longer participate in this feature.

Specifically, Harras and Chase declined to comment on questions about DC exclusive talent Jerry Ordway in regards to his statements about his work with the publisher. (Though it should be noted that DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee did discuss the matter in a recent CBR TV interview)

After ensuing discussions on the matter, CBR regrets that DC has decided not to continue what we consider a valuable discussion for readers, retailers and creators. We will however continue to cover the company's comics, editorial moves and broader impact on comics to the best of our ability – including future interviews with DC executives and editorial staff as they are willing and available.

DC has yet to respond to the controversy, and they probably won't, since this is exactly the sort of thing they're not willing to discuss in interviews. The Outhouse will simply bask in the schadenfreude and keep you updated as the situation develops.

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