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C2E2: Marvel House of Ideas

Written by Zechs on Friday, April 26 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

C2E2: Marvel House of Ideas

What's the House of Ideas got for 2013? FIND OUT AS Zechs gives you a live update!

   Arune Sigh (Director of Communications) moderates the panel with Ryan Pengaos (Executive Director of Digtal), Tom Brevoort,  Mark Waid, Jordan D. White,  David Gabriel, and C.B.  Cebluski.  Arune starts talking about Marvel Digital and how they're bringing fans the best experience. He talks of the numerous ways to experience Marvel Digtal (Kindle, via comics themselves).


  • Talk shifts to the Infinite comic line with Mr. Brevoort talking about it's an exciting new place for comics with evolving technology. There will be more Infinite comics this year (along with the current three). They begin showing a video on Marvel Digtal comics. 
  • We see the first new comic for the Infinite series this year, Wolverine: Japan's Most Wanted on July 9th. It shows Wolverine waking up in an elevator shaft surrounded by gasoline. He looks up and see's Sabretooth, who is lighting a match. It'll also have a bunch of ninjas and run for thirteen weeks. They then show silhouette with Wolverine and three other Marvel Heroes. 
  • They move onto Marvel Unlimited which Arune likens to "Netflix for comics". Every Marvel Comic will be available eventually and currently over 13,000 comics are available. Cost for it is currently $59.98 a year.
  • Marvel A.R. (aka Augmented Reality) talk as we have Jordan talk via his hand puppet. We have a fan perspective talking of Marvel Infinite and that she likes it, save for the loading. Arune shows the video for Marvel A.R. detailing the special features from it.
  • Project: Gamma Confidential picture is shown and then Arune shows the video for it. No loops, no soundtracks, adapted audio -  the viewer controls the pace. The program will be launched later this year. Some lucky people from the panel get to view and listen to it.
  • Talk shifts to Marvel Original Video with Earth's Mightiest Show hosted by Blair Butler (formerly of Attack of the Show). It'll be a pop culture show. It won't be exactly not like this panel. It'll be streaming via the internet SOONISH. With Marvel Superheroes: What The?! and a skit involving the Avengers vs. Ultron. 
  • Mark Waid, like a ninja, walks into the panel. Jordan's hand puppet interviews Waid. The puppet asks Waid's opinion of digital comics. Waid likes them. We get fan's opinion of Project Gamma. They love the audio and say it's VERY cinematic quality. Very seamless and everything melts together with replaying those transitions again. Very positive over it.  
  • The panel switches to social networking.  They talk of Marvel Tumblr, Youtube, and that they'll figure it out. They talk about how Stan Lee invented Social Media back in the old days with the way he used Stan's Soapbox and other venues. They tell us Tom will answer any random wierd question on Marvel's Tumblr, Arune will answer any soap opera's, and they'll even answer lost questions from the recently canceled Bob and Bobbie's (nice burn there Mr. Waid).



Question/Answer Time


Q: Why is Marvel Animation Shows so short-lived ala Spectacular Spider-Man or Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes?

   Arune says that they do last a good amount of time. Animated shows can't last five or ten years at a time. They then say that Marvel now has complete control of their animation. Arune says they didn't cancel Spectacular Spider-Man. Avengers: Assemble is a new direction for fans of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes . Arune then says that at Marvel: "WE DON'T ABANDON THE PAST." BURN!!!


Q: Can we have some Deadpool jokes that can't be in the book?

   Jordan talks of a Dr. Strange appearance in one issue with a scene with he and his servant Wong about to team-up with Deadpool. Not very fond of the Merc with a Mouth, Dr. Strange turns himself into the Silver Surfter and Wong into the surf board to diguise the team-up he has with the vocal merc. Jordan jokes that they didn't feel Wong should be a surf board for the entire issue.


Q: Mark Waid opinion on digtal and print comics.

   Waid thinks they can co-exist. 


Q: Do they offer a bigger comic experience or new readers?

   Ryan mentions that with the various ways he's trying with the net and media to gain new fans via it. 


* Our own diarydead speaks of what he thinks of Project Gamma. He loves it and really appreciates the music in it. 


Q: Any Marvel characters that would be great in digtal?

   Mark says Daredevil and Dr. Strange be perfect for digtal comics. The panel asks if fans be interested in a Mark Waid penned Daredevil Infinite? The fans go wild for the idea. 


Q: Is this nifty digtal stuff available in Canada?

   Arune says they should be save maybe animation issues. I-Verse will be converting many Marvel comics to numerous languages.


Q:  (Question for Mark Waid.) During Amazing Spider-Man #700 Dan Slott gave away free codes. Will Waid do the same for his books?

   Waid says there's one good comic shop near him. He says at times he doesn't have the print issues before fans do.  Arune says he'll hook him up with some. Waid says can you never get this sort of thing from DC.


Q: The Pink Bunny on [Waid's] Twitter?

He explains it from a PIXAR short.


Q: When will THEN be NOW?



- They mention again if you want to talk to anyone THEY HAVE A BOOTH HERE AT C2E2.








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