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C2E2: DC Entertainment - All Access

Written by Zechs on Friday, April 26 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

C2E2: DC Entertainment  - All Access

The Outhouse brings you LIMITED ACCESS to DC's ALL ACCESS panel. Find out what to expect from DC this year!

The Panelists include: Bob Wayne (moderator), Bob Harras, Brian Azzerello, Kyle Higgins, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Art Baltazar, Len Wein, Charles Soule, Franco Aureliani, Freddie Williams III.

- Trinity War talk with three ties-ins. Info we already know. No new info.

- Superman: Unchained. Info we already know. No new info.

- Batman: Zero Year. No new info. Sensing a trend here...

- Nightwing #22 cover is shown with Kyle Higgens talking about Dick Grayson moving to Chicago. Tony Zucco is still alive and living under an alias in Chicago. There will be mythology building on previous heroes from the city along with a Prankster reinvention 

- Batwing #22, All Star Western #22, Swamp Thing #22 covers shown. Charles Soule talks about the latter book, a little bit terrified with co-creator Lein Wein right beside him. He then talks about a Constantine guest-appearance arc in #21-22. The Whiskey Tree Arc is good for the kids, Soule jokes.

- Green Team cover is shown while Art and Franco talk about it.  Art talks of the characters on the cover for #2. Slade aka Deathstroke appears in the book, with #3 having an appearance of the Bat-Mobile. Bob Wayne will appear in #5 and Franco will appear somewhere down the line.

- Talk flips to the Movement by Gail Simone. Big pop for Gail, who is not there. She was uninvited via email. Freddie Williams III, the artist for the book, says it is both fun and dark. These will all be brand new characters who will be fully fleshed out and feel like they've had a long history. Freddie says he just finished #3 and he hopes you all enjoy it.

- Len Wein talks about the Before Watchmen projects. His face becomes more grotesque as it is corrupted by the dark side of the force with every word.

- Batman '66 cover shown. Jim Chad talks about how fun the comic will be. The first arc will involve the Riddler and Catwoman. This is the first comic DC has done based on the classic 60s TV series.  Future stories will have King Tut and Killer Croc. Expect Killer Croc to look like a dude with a really cheesy mask.

-  Art says he wants to pitch a new story: Batman Beyonce. Bob Wayne stresses how this will be the first and last time you'll hear about this pitch. Baltazar is hauled off for a flogging.

- Brian Azzerello talks about the 100 Bullets sequel, "Brother Lono". He talks about how the sequel was created in a casual chat between him and the artist. It is not what you expect. 

- American Vampire will be returning with "The Long Road to Hell" and "The Wake".

- Injustice: Gods Amongst Us comic will be pretty much a bunch of characters beating the tar out of each another, similar to a DC editorial summit.

- DC Essential Graphic Novels will release a reading order book for characters so fans can argue with creators about what history was kept and what was not. Oh and they are FREE. This will replace the usual method of figuring this out, which is to start a thread on a comic book message board that quickly devolves into violent bickering.

- DC Collectibles exclusives are shown that will only be sold at C2E2. 


First person(both to ask a question and to admit this) admits how much he loves the New 52. With the New 52, there was an effort to bring the Wildstorm characters into the DCU proper. Will we see the Milestone characters in the DCU? Icon? Hardware? Rocket? 

- Bob asks how many would love to see those characters come back. Fans applaud so Bob Wayne says they'll look into it. His fingers are crossed behind his back.

Question for Azzerello on Wonder Woman and whether he'll do more with Greek mythology.

- He can't comment since that wouldn't be fair. Brain will spoil this, though: in two issues, Wonder Woman will BE IN NEW GENESIS.

Why is there no DC Booth? Are you bringing Damian Wayne back via the Talon serum? 

- Brian says to expect that in Wonder Woman #25 jokingly. Bob Wayne says he won't spoil anything. This isn't the Rose Bud panel, so, um, no, no, and no. 

Question for Kyle Higgins: what's up with Northwestern blue line nod recently?

- Kyle says it was a great vantage point for Sears Tower for the double page spread. 

Question on the timeline issues involving Damian's conception given he was over six years old and Batman only operated in Gotham for five years?

- Brian says it'll be addressed in Wonder Woman #25, again, jokingly. 

Fan talks about some of the subpar books DC has put out.

- Bob Wayne has him taken outside and shot.

Art and Franco Green Team question: will Most Excellent Superbat be in the book?

- Art is writing that now unless Brian beats them in Wonder Woman #25. 

Another Brian Azzerello question. Did he think he get a lot of hatred for giving Wonder Woman a father? 

- Will we get some blowback? Yeah. Would we get blowback with War teaching her? Yeah.  He mentions they worked close to the deadline so no editors could say no to what they did. Audience laughs at that. Wayne has Azzarello taken outside and shot.

Green Arrow question: why wasn't there a Black Canary teaser for a next issue blurb? 

- Yeah there was a story shift. They say MAYBE after Brian again says Wonder Woman #25. 

Any more promotion via DC Nation?

-  There will be more new promotion via DC Nation. 

A fan of Young Justice asks if the show can be renewed? Or any news to give some hope.  

- No news, but they'll pass the info of how much a pop the show got when mentioned at the panel, which will bring great joy to Warner cartoon executives, who feed on the totured souls of DC cartoon fans to sustain their evil alien life forces.

Will we see Osris or Iris? 

- They cannot say, but there will be some stuff coming up. 

Will we see more Swamp Thing outside of comics?

- Charles says if the Whiskey Tree story works out, we'll see. 

Are there any plans to expand the DCU in TV ala the Flash TV Series and currently Arrow? 

- YES.

Will the Green Team and Movement be related or will there be events from the book relate to the other? 

- Art says if Gail wants to throw down, YES, they're ready.


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