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We learn what's new with the New 52 at this year's C2E2!

Bob Wayne (is once again moderator). Pete Tomasi, Sterling Gates, Kyle Higgins, Charles Soule,  Amy Reeder, Bob Harras, and others join the panel.

They start with another Wonder Woman #25 joke. Then the panels starts. They pass out some free comic variants for the lucky attendees (variants of Batman #701 and Justice League #12). 

- Batman & Robin #22 cover is shown with Batman & Catwoman on it as Pete Tomasi talks about the current arc going on with various characters guest staring as Batman deals with the five stages of grief. #23 will be the acceptance issue with Nightwing. Carrie Kelly will continue to involved in the arc and build her relationships with Bruce and Alfred. Big surprises will come from Carrie. Tomasi can't tell us what those surprises will be under thread of pain of death. #20 (guest starring the Red Hood) will have a REAL cool surprise in the issue issue.

- Green Lantern Corps #22 cover is shown as Tomasi talks about his swan song on the book. Tomasi explains it's a tip of the hat to fans and a character driven arc. 

- Superman Unchained #1 cover is shown. It will be coming up in June right before the Man of Steel movie. Bob Harras says Scott Snyder and Jim Lee bring their A games to the issue. There will be a lot of surprises and four-way foldout page of Superman. He thinks you're really gonna like it a lot, almost as if he's being paid to do so.

- We move onto the Trinity War crossover with the Justice League books and the three "Dark" books: Pandora, Phantom Stranger, and Constantine. It's a culmination of a lot of story ideas, Bob Harras, master of stating the obvious, explains.

- Nightwing cover is shown again. Kyle Higgins explains again that Nightwing has moved to Chicago. Higgins reveals the reason why Nightwing is in Chicago other than dealing with fall out from the death of Damian. Kyle talks of an exchange he had with Geoff Johns proposing the idea of Tony Zucco being alive. Johns told him to run with it. Higgins adds that there's a big mythlogy plan for Chicago and the old superheroes who once populated the city with a big villain behind it. 

-  A future cover of Vibe is shown with Batman holding up VIbe. It's not the Batman we're expecting it to be. He can't spoil who the Batman is though.

- Batwing cover is shown and discussion moves to the new Batwing. Bob Harras explains that Luc Fox brings a totally new dynamic to the book. It'll be an ongoing plan for the Bat Family and will have ripple effects throughout the Bat Books. Lucius Fox will find out and won't be pleased. 

- All Star Western #22 cover is shown with Harras talking about Jonah Hex in the 21st Century. You'll see Jonah react to the 21st Century and react to descendents of people he's met in the past. Jonah will have a choice to either go back stay in the future. Harras says it'll be very interesting to see Jonah's reaction, being a fish out of water.

- Swamp Thing #22 cover is shown with Charles Soule talking about the two part arc he has that'll guest star John Constantine. Soule expresses how much he loves how Scott Snyder has given Swamp Thing the ability to teleport to any part of the world. An upcoming story will be outsourced take place in India. Back to the Constantine arc; Soule loves to write the character as a bastard. He hopes  fans enjoy the last issue and #20 that's out this Wedsenday.

- Bob Wayne then talks about Charles Soule taking over Red Lanterns and how the focus will be on Guy Gardner. 

- Green Lantern #20 cover is shown and Bob Harras jokes it will be 888 pages. It will be a cultmination of Geoff Johns Green Lantern run. Everything comes together for this issue. It'll be a can't miss issue, Harras stresses. They say Geoff will go out in a blaze of glory.

- Green Lantern: New Guardians cover is shown and we talk about the new direction for the book. There's a small mistake about the artist being on future books (he won't be), but he stresses that he'll be doing Superman instead, particular #20 with Superman taking on Orion, so whew, no walkouts. Yet.

- At the end of May, DC Entertainment will release an Essential Graphic Novels reading order book and it will be FREE. Again, same info they talked about yesterday. Same with the DC Collectibles goodies, including the two pack 3.75 figures with Guy Gardner and Larfleeze. 

- Time for the question/answer part!!!


Starro cosplayer has a Villains Month question about the Crime Syndicate. Will it be from the main universe or from another universe?

- Villains month? Bob Wayne jokingly says to Harras that there MIGHT be a villains month, possibly. Maybe in Wonder Woman #25. Major publishing initiatives aren't the sort of thing you announce at comic book conventions, after all.

What will happen to Shazam after the backup stories end on Justice League? 

- You'll be seeing Shazam in the coming months and he's in the back of Justice League FOR A REASON.

Will Renee Montoya be in the New 52 and will Batwoman tie more into the Bat Family?

- YES and YES.

Will the Outsider from Flashpoint be in the New 52 ala Elemental Woman?

- Wonder Woman #25.

Will Nightwing continue to interact with the rest of the Bat Family with him in Chicago?

- Yes and #23 will deal with interaction with the rest of the Bat Family. Higgins stresses he wants  Dick to grow beyond Gotham City. He teases more Bat Family members will guest star in the book.

Will we see more Steel or Eradicator in the New 52? 

- YES. 

Will the other human Red Lantern go away?

- No. He will be a continued presence in the book.

Using comics to raise social issue questions?

- Good idea. You take a story from everywhere. Tomasi then talks about the five stages of grief and an issue with Robin dealing with suicide. Sounds like fun!

Another Green Lantern fan is sad that Geoff Johns is leaving the title. Are they ever going to reveal the Orange Lantern oath?

- Wonder Woman #25 is the answer. Bob Harras says he doesn't quite know but see the Larfleeze ongoing or Green Lantern #20.

Will Aqualad (the one that appears in Young Justice) appear in the New 52? 

- Possiblity, but not a plan right now.

When will Booster Gold come back?

-  Wait and see.

Any more Freedom Fighters stuff like mini's or one-shots?

- Not yet for now.

Anymore fun or care-free books?

- There will be a mixture of the two given the many fun and care-free characters that populate the New 52, such as... um...

- Tomasi talks about the Batman and Robin Annual and how he made that a fun issue, but also twisted that knife once Damian was killed in Batman Inc.

- Will there be any outside characters guest starring in Batman & Robin?

Tomasi cannot say, but right now they are planning the Nightwing of acceptance. Stay tuned...

Will Razer from Green Lantern: The Animated Series appear in Red Lantern comic?

- Who knows?

Is there any chance of Nightwing returning to the Justice League?

- I dunno, that's a Geoff Johns question, Bob Harras says.

Will Cyborg get his own series?

-  Not right now since he plays a key role in Justice League.

Will Nightwing be a Cubs or White Sox fan?

-  Kyle says Nightwing won't be attending a Cubs game, Kyle Higgins kids, though he says he's a White Sox fan.

Will the Wizard Shazam continue to be a prominent character?

- That is the plan Bob Harras says. 

More diverse books in the New 52 ala I, Vampire or Frankenstein?

-  Bob Harras says they're still putting out books with different flavors. For instance, if you lick the cover of Catwoman #25, it tastes like tuna.There will be other books coming out. Keep watching.

Any plans to bring the Question back in the New 52? Any more stories involving Bruce Wayne being older in Batman Beyond?

- Kyle Higgins tells fans that he's now the new writer for Batman Beyond, as the current writer has just walked out. A year will go by after Adam Beechen's final issue and something has happened in that year, as somethings are wont to do. Bob Wayne points to the guy in the upper right corner to his Question question on the Trinity War.

 Is there any real plan to expand the Teen Titans roster ala Static or Blue Beetle?

- Static won't be joining anytime but he will be doing something in the next few months. Keep watching.

Earth 2 - will there be a new Superman since there's a New Batman and Fury running around right now in the book? 

- Possibly. There will be events in the book that'll ripple across other universes. 

Fan says Death of the Family was anti-climatic  since nobody died given all the hype. Was that because it was a build-up to Damian's death?

- That wasn't what was promised. It was "OF" and not "in. It was always about the Bat Family being fractured with no death. 

Panel ends, and this reporter is escorted out of the building by DC thugs for his association with The Outhouse, who parodies DC too much.


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