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C2E2: Superman And Batman 101

Written by IvCNuB4 on Saturday, April 27 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

C2E2: Superman And Batman 101

Moderated by John Cunningham. Panelists: Jimmy Palmiotti, Bob Harras, Chris Burnham, James Tynion IV, John Layman, and Kenneth Rocafort.

Source: Newsarama LiveBlog

Cunningham discussed the marketing strategy used when Dark Knight Rises came out, where DC put out posters at retailers listing "essential Batman" stories. A similar campaign is happening for Man of Steel.

Panelists replied with what essential reading is for them:
Jimmy Palmiotti - "Batman Year One is the book that I've bought over and over. When people don't really know about comics, I hand that to them and say, 'Read this and it will tell you why he's so cool.'" For Superman, he recommended Birthright by Mark Waid.
Bob Harras - All-Star Superman - "This is what a great Superman comic is."  and Batman: Earth One - "It really tells you everything you need to know about Batman."
Chris Burnham - “Grant Morrison’s Batman ‘Black Glove’ and Superman: Birthright.
John Layman -  Superman For All Seasons and Gotham Central.
The panel then discussed newer books, praising Superman Unchained.

Batman #21 and ‘Zero Year' are discussed next. Harras says the book will tell the origins of Batman in the New 52. He promises to remain true to the character, though they'll change a few things.

Next up was Talon: Tynion is excited to get to the heart of Bane, and bring him back to his roots. DC will build a supporting cast around Bane.

Harras talked about Superman and Wonder Woman's relationship, calling it one of the more interesting things to happen in the New 52. He also said that Superman has unresolved feelings for Lois, and teased a love triangle.

About the Cyborg Superman, Harras said,  "I think the design is awesome, and he'll be turning up soon.” He declined to answer questions about how the character might tie into New 52 continuity of Superman and Hal Jordan.
Tynion discusses taking over Red Hood And The Outlaws: “I wanted to get to the heart of our three main characters, Starfire, Red Hood, and Arsenal. I threw a big wrench in their group dynamic in #19, and it will make them reevaluate who they are, what they have to do to saty together as a team, and if they should." Next month's annual will see the first appearance of Cheshire and the first interaction between Green Arrow and Roy Harper.
They'll also deal with why Talia had a special interest in Jason Todd.
Batman & Catwoman #22, the title of the book for a month (Batman & Robin is retitled each month with a different co-star), as Batman deals with each stage of grief. Because Damian is dead, what happens with a book called Batman & Robin is fascinating and they have big plans.

Palmiotti talked about Batwing #19 and the new Batwing, Lucius Fox's son Luke. He pointed out that Batman Byond was an influence on the character's design. Batman will not tell Lucius he's working with Luke, which will surely cause friction down the line. The book will tie in more closely with the rest of the Bat books.

Detective Comics introduces The Wrath, who's getting the New 52 treatment as the Anti-Batman, with "a lot of money, gadgets, and cars, and guns. And he hates cops."

Azrael’s return is permanent, and he’ll be part of the Bat-universe.

More details on Joker’s origin is coming up. See 'Year Zero'.


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