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Seven Things A Nurse Says Is Wrong About Dan DiDio's Nightmare Nurse

Written by ThanosCopter on Sunday, April 28 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Seven Things A Nurse Says Is Wrong About Dan DiDio's Nightmare Nurse

A nurse points out the inaccuracies of DC's newest character.

When DC unveiled its newest character, "Nightmare Nurse, Mystic MD", they thought they were adding yet another forgettable one dimensional character to the rank and file of the New 52.  What they weren't expecting is that they've pissed off a real nurse.  

My wife, ThanosCoptette, RN, had this to say about the character.

1)  No doctor would call themselves a nurse.  

While nurses are universally unapprciated, there's no way that a doctor, who has racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical school debt and suffered through years of grueling rotations, would call themselves a nurse.

2) While there are nurses that are 'doctors', they hold PhDs and not MDs.

If Nightmare Nurse is actually a nurse, she'd have a doctorate in nursing, not a medical doctorate.  Of course, some nurses with a PhD call themselves a doctor, but a lot of MDs don't take kindly to that. Throwing around a MD that she didn't earn is a fantastic way for her to wind up in jail.  Maybe that's why she's fighting superheroes....

3)  Modern day nurses don't wear nurse's caps.

They were replaced by scrubs a long, long time ago.

4) For that matter, neither do doctors.

 And they never did, either.

5) Nurses don't have long nails.

Long nails harbor harmful bacteria that can be transmitted to patients.  Hospitals have largely banned nurses having long nails, especially in the light of a study that linked two nurses with long nails to the deaths of 16 newborns in Oklahoma City.  

6)  Nurses don't wear heels. 

Nurses have to be on their feet for hours upon hours a day.  No self respecting nurse would wear heels when they're on the job. They're administrating care to a patient, not going on the prowl at the bar.  

7)  Nurses don't have face tattoos.

While hospitals, clinics and practices have varying dress code policies relating to tattoos, most places of medicine at least frown upon visible tattoos.  Facial tattoos are looked upon as especially unprofessional, because...well, they're facial tattoos.  

In summation, I guess there's a reason Nightmare Nurse is running around in a D-list DC book.  Ten seconds of research probably would have caught that.  Oh, and her costume looks terrible too.  

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