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C2E2: Marvel X-Men Panel *Update*

Written by Zechs on Sunday, April 28 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

C2E2: Marvel X-Men Panel *Update*

What's up for Marvel's mutant heroes in 2013? Find out as Zechs covers the panel LIVE. *UPDATE*

The panel starts with Arune Singh (as moderator) with Brian Wood, Tom Brevoort, Jordie Bellaire, Paul Cornell, Jordan White, C.B. Cebulski, Declan Shalvey, Ramón Pérez, and Rick Remender.  

- We get the cover to Uncanny Avengers #10 with Banshee, Daken, Sentry, and Grim Reaper as the Horsemen of Death. This is a big, worldshaking threat, all thanks to the Apocalypse Twins (the children of Archangel and Pestilence from Uncanny X-Force's famous arc). They are all tough characters, and there will be bad blood between the villains and the heroes. There will be a HUGE Thor vs. Sentry fight, the rematch between Rogue and Grim Reaper, and Banshee who was killed by Alex Summer's brother, and Daken, drowned by his own father, the moral center of the Marvel Universe, Wolverine.

- All New X-Men #14 cover is show with Jean Grey and Mastermind.  Jordan talks about how Mystique is putting together a villainous group of people (including Lady Mastermind and Sabretooth). Can Jean stay good after messing with Angel's mind? Um, probably not, given the cover.

- Uncanny X-Men #8 & #9 arc talk with the cover to #8 showing Cyclops vs. Magneto. White polls the audience: do the audience trust Magneto, Cyclops, or Jordan's hand puppet. The hand puppet wins. 

- Wolverine & the X-Men #29 cover with Ramon talking about the final issue he's doing of the series. He talks about drawing the school fifty years in the future. It's an alternate future so you never know where it is gonna go and who is still around.

- Ramon talks about another X-Book he will do, but can't say YET what it is. #29 will be the prelude to the Hellfire Club arc, with a member of the school joining it.

- X-Men #3 cover with Brian Wood talking about it and the great cast of six he has, and, oh, there is one more to be added that'll be appearing at the end of #1.

- 50 Year Anniersary of X-Men talk for September. X-Men: Battle for the Atom is announced, starting Sep-Oct with "The Great One" Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, and Brian Wood. The Alpha issue will be drawn by Frank Cho. It'll go through all the core X-Men books. The All New X-Men go on a mission that goes so wrong that the team of the present wants to send them back to the past. One problem: the X-Men team of the future has arrived. The Future X-Men are shown, with Kate Pryde leading them, Future Beast, Ice-Thing (these two designed by Art Adams), Molly Hayes, Deadpool, Lady Xorn, and one more they cannot show. It'll be a ten part EPIC, all concluding with a special one-shot. No one can guess how this ends. Arune says this will be something for ALL X-Men fans, as long as they love Wolverine and think he's right about everything.

- X-Men Legacy #13 & #14 talk, with a cover of one of the issues shown. We will be seeing some mind-twisty stuff and more mind-bending covers. Look for some real exciting stuff.

- Savage Wolverine #7 & 8: Joe Mad returns to the X-Men books with Zeb Wells writing. It'll involve Elektra and Spider-Man as well. It'll be big and crazy Marvel action.

- Wolverine: Killable by Paul Cornell. Something big will happen and Wolverine learns he's killable as does Sabretooth, who sends some vicious assassins to kill his arch-foe. Cornell says it's a dirty word, "killable". Something is about to happen that leads Sabretooth and other foes to go after Logan. It will get intense, and Alan Davis and the arc start on #7, but the groundwork of something big happens in #6. Kitty Pryde will be on hand as Wolverine will face his darkest hour. This ending will be all over major media and will be HUGE. Arune says fans might hate Paul Cornell after this. Premptively, The Outhouse has decided to hate him now. This will change the character across the board.

- Deadpool #15 cover shown with "The Good the Bad, and the Ugly" art by Declan Shalvey. The arc will have Captain America and Wolverine with the three of them venturing to Weapon X after Deadpool goes after people who've been harvesting his organs. It's a darker story than the previous arc and shows off Deadpool's abilities.

- Talk shifts to X-Factor as Arune announces the end of the book with #260 cover with Polaris and Quicksilver shown. Jordan talks about how Peter has been writing these characters for so long and Peter thought that's as big as it gets for the team with the current "Hell on Earth" arc. It's time now to wrap up the small character moments. A video from Peter David is now shown of how much he wanted to say thank you to the fans for buying the book. Pretty hilarous and sweet video of Pete being interupted by a crying child asking him, "WHY DID YOU CANCEL X-FACTOR?!"  We will get an answer on the connection between Longshot and Shatterstar. He then talks about another project he'll be on for Marvel

- Arune asks if they all know the X-Men 90s theme song? Audience says yes, so Jordan whips out his guitar and we all start singing the X-Men 90s theme song. Greatest moment of the con! 


Any contact for stories linking to the live action with X-Men: Days of Future Past movie?

- We'll get to see stuff but not as much extent as a Marvel Studios film.

Will you make an epic Cyclops is Right shirt?

- Mighty Fine has one go check them out.

Anymore Lego sets for X-Men?

- Wait until September for news.

Will X-Men be a little self contained or touch on the other books?

- First arc will be, the next will be all about the big 50th Anniversary event. 

- Has Rick read DnA Guardians of the Galaxy? Has that Celestial head that was recently decapped from that run? Rick cannot say, but the axe Thor made will be a huge downfall for him. 

Amazing Avengers?

- Rick says hell yes if he could. 

Newsrama has a picture  of a blue skinned and red haired character that's called Wolverine kid? Is it Logan and Mystique's kid? 


Any more X-23 in any of the X-Titles?

- See Avengers Arena on who wins Murderworld and if she will live or die.

Why Sentry in the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

- The Apocalypse Twins have seen the future and have an idea of what's coming up. They want to deal with both the Avenges and X-Men. Originally Rick wanted to use Ares, but thought Sentry be more fun and interesting. 

The clean slate of Angel that happened in Uncanny X-Force. What's up with that?

- Jason Aaron has a plan. Rick talks of what happened to Warren in Uncanny X-Force getting stabbed by the seed and dying. Something will happen to "Warren" in Wolverine & the X-Men. That isn't Warren currently. He is dead, and it's a body that the seed is wearing. 

Will the X-Men open up a flood gate and have Domino, Husk, and Armor appear in the book?

- Not yet but it's just a matter of when. We'll get there. 

Where there be a plan for the younger characters that appear in cameos in Wolverine & the X-Men?

- Jordan talks about just how vast the X-Men world is and how they have a chart of which character is in what school. It takes a writer to spotlight that character. 

Will the Uncanny Avengers go after the Red Skull?

- The Apocalypse Twins have dealt with the Red Skull/Onslaught and they're terrified of him wanting to save the future at any cost. Rick talks of the contrast between the villains of finalists and extremists. The Red Skull will pop up soon in X-Men Legacy. Rick teases a huge fight between Magneto vs. Red Skull in Uncanny Avengers eventually. 

Any plans for Young X-Men ala Young Avengers?

- Prodigy will be showing up in Young Avengers #6. 

Will Dakken's way of killing Wolverine in Uncanny X-Force be related to Killable? 

- Paul Cornell says yes but more so of #6 of his series will be showing Wolverine's "kryptonite" revealed. 

Timey whimey question what's going on with the time stuff. 

- See Age of Ultron and see Uncanny Avengers with what Kang is doing. Also see Hulk taking on time problem soon in his book.

Any new Exiles?

- There will be new X-Men books in the future.  Watch for Amazing Avengers Rick shouts out. 

This has been hard month for Nightcrawler. Any hope for the fans?

- Read the back issues or those little things called BAMFs in Wolverine & the X-Men. 

Any X-Men animated series in the works?

- We cannot comment on it yet, but Avengers: Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man for X-Men characters to appear on those shows. 

The panel ends.

*Update now with thirty seconds of the crowd singing the 90s X-Men theme:



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