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Third Latino Comics Expo In San Francisco

Third Latino Comics Expo In San Francisco

Tertio Latino Drama Expo haberi San Francisco

Source: Latino Comics Expo to be held June 1 & 2

Frank back in field making reports for Outhouse! Frank happy to get out of house, Bride of Frank always keep parts past spoil date and Frank home no smell good. Frank out here in San Francisco covering announcement of 3rd Latino Comics Expo! It look like fun! There tons of guests (Frank change part of quote below to make grammatical sense! FRANK HELP!):

Guests include[ing] Mario Hernandez ( Love & Rockets, Citizen Rex ) highlights an all-star line-up of artists and writers that include: Rafael Navarro (Sonambulo), Octavio Rodriguez (Pixar) , Gabrielle Gamboa (Miss Lonelyhearts) , Liz Mayorga (Spunky Cat Comix), Javier Hernandez (El Muerto, Weapon Tex-Mex), Jose Cabrera (Crying Macho Man), Daniel Parada (Zotz) , Crystal Gonzalez, Jaime Crespo, Grasiela Rodriguez and many others.

WOW! Frank just now notice all those vowels at end of names above. What odds?

Frank admit, Frank confused; Frank unlive long time, and Frank know Latin dead (real dead, not Frank dead) language, and Frank no know of any comics written in Latin. It be like Sanskrit or Yiddish book, yes, it be funny and unique, but lose novelty soon. All Frank IMO, so no blame Outhouse for Frank’s statement!

Yiddish comic book be funny! Frank think Bendis should write it; All-Jew X-Men!

Now, Frank make Latin version of story! This way Frank aricle almost as multi-culture as body of Frank!


Retro in agrum libere faciendas pro tradit Outhouse! Beatus Franciscus ut de domo sponsa Frank semper partibus praeteritis direptionem et date odorem Francus domi nihil boni. Hic in franco ex San Francisco operimentum annuntiatione 3rd Latino Drama turpis! Eam tamquam fun! Ibi tons of hospes (inferius ad sensum grammaticalem Frank mutatione parte quote! SIMPLEX auxilium!)

Hospites includunt[tes] Hernandez Mario (amor Rockets & civis Rex) effert tota linea stella-ex artificum scriptores includit: Rafael Navarro (Sonambulo) Octavius ​​Rodriguez (Pixar) Gabrielle Gamboa (Lonelyhearts Miss) Liz Mayorga (Cat TURBATUS Comix), Javier Hernandez (El Muerto tela, Tex-Mex), Jose Cabrera (Clamantes SICCUS hominis), Daniel Parada (Zotz), Crystal Gonzalez, Jaime Crespo, Grasiela Rodriguez et multis aliis.

WOW! Franco modo animadvertunt ad finem nominibus vocalibus omnes supremus. Quae dissident?

Fateor ingenue, Frank confusa; Frank unlive diu, nesciens Latinum Frank et mortuos (realis mortuum non Frank mortuis) linguam, et nemo sciat aliquem Frank Drama written in Latin. Sanscritica similis sit aut Lingua Iudaeorum Vernaculorum Germanorum Liber, Etiam ac mauris sit amet, mox autem perdiderit novitatis. IMO Frank omnes, ita culpa Outhouse pro franco dictum!

Lingua Iudaeorum Vernaculorum Germanorum comico liber ridiculam! Frank cogitare Bendis scribere cuncta Iudæus-X-Homines!


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