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DC Reveals More On The New Batman Of Earth 2

DC Reveals More On The New Batman Of Earth 2

Here's a sneak peek inside EARTH 2 ANNUAL #1

Source: Press Release - DC Blog

A press release at DC's The Source gives more glimpses of the new Batman of Earth 2. As writer James Robinson first  teased at  WonderCon 2013:

"The new Batman of Earth 2 is very different. I'm saying this at every interview, I really want to stress that I was reading a message board … and they were guessing who this Batman was going to be, various names, and some guy said -- I thought it was a quite fair remark -- "I don't care who it is, I just don't want it to be one of those gimmicks where it's just a crazy guy for two issues and he just get killed off." We've seen that. Marvel and DC have both done it in the past and it's always a little bit unsatisfying. I just want to stress that this is a character that will be around permanently. He's not going anywhere, he's going to have a huge impact on Earth 2 and on the whole DC Universe. This is definitely a big character we're bringing into the DC world. This isn't a gimmick.."


So far, we know this mysterious character will be making his debut in EARTH 2 ANNUAL #1 – but who is he? And why does he pick up the cape and cowl of The Dark Knight?

Robinson now adds:

 “This isn't some new person coming in to be Batman. This is definitely a part of Batman lore.”

In the meantime check out the sneak peek below of some of CAFU's stunning interior artwork for EARTH 2 ANNUAL #1, and don't forget to pick up the issue when it lands in stores on May 29!

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