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DC Shocker: DC Cancels Demon Knights and Dial H

Written by Jude Terror on Monday, May 13 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

DC Shocker: DC Cancels Demon Knights and Dial H

DC has now canceled almost 8% of it's New 52 line this month alone, and their solicits haven't even been released yet.

Source: Reddit

We already knew about Threshold. We just learned about Legion of Superheroes. Now, we've found out that DC Comics has also canceled Dial H, which we speculated on earlier today, and Demon Knights. None of these titles were selling well, so it's tempting to just say, "well, they weren't selling, so it makes sense to cancel them," but it's not as simple as that.

DC drove Legion of Superheroes, which Mark Waid points out has been published for forty consecutive years, into the ground by putting an irrelevant writer on it. Threshold was yet another failed attempt at an anthology book. Dial H should have been a Vertigo title from the start, but DC has insisted on decimating the imprint and dragging all DC characters back to the DCU, something that also affects Demon Knights. Madame Xanadu, a great book that had thrived at Vertigo, had to be canceled for Demon Knights to exist. Sales were down, but that's a symptom of the problem, not the problem itself. How long will Constantine, which replaced the 300 issue Hellblazer, last?

This can't be considered simple market correction because, thanks to an as yet unexplained numerological obsession with the number 52, DC will replace this with four more books, and they'll keep cancelling books and replacing them with new ones whether there's a demand for them or not, just to satisfy some idiotic corporate initiative. Demon Knights, in particular, represented one of the "fresh breaths" the New 52 was supposed to bring in. It's death seems poignant considering that the New 52 has lost all selling power in recent months.

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