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Get Ready For The Shitstorm: DC Edition [SPOILERS for JLA #4]

Written by GHERU on Wednesday, May 29 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Get Ready For The Shitstorm: DC Edition [SPOILERS for JLA #4]

I think we can all agree that internet fanpeople will take this like the mature adults they are.

Source: What Just Happened To Catwoman??? (Massive Justice League Of America #4 Spoilers)

Let's talk about "Women in Refrigerators", the well-worn trope involving a hero's love interest (usually female) getting killed off in a shocking manner for the sole purpose of hurting a hero. While the trope and its merits (and definitions) have been debated over the years, "Women in Refrigerators" has become synonymous with gory, shock deaths.

At least, that was the OldDC’s meme but the fan(s) of NuDC have yet to discover just how strong female characters are to be dealt with. Well, wait no more:


The basic story, as told by BleedingCool and The Outhousers’ own BlueStreak, is that the Wade Wilson looking guy is Professor Ivo, the leader of The Secret Society Of Evil and in order to get Batman’s attention one of his minions (The Joker?) shoots Selena Kyle in the head.

Yes, it’s not permanent or “fer realz” considering Catwoman’s ongoing and DC’s long standing respect for its readers, especially female ones (ok, I made that last part up) but let’s not let that stop us from our righteous indignation. As my good buddy, Frank, would say:


To consult on this issue, we bring in the Outhouse's Expert on Life, the Universe, and Everything In It, Miracle Max:

Outhouse:  What can you tell us about this surpising, shocking, and gruesome death?

Miracle Max: Well, you see, Catwoman is only MOSTLY dead. MOSTLY dead is SLIGHTLY ALIVE.

Fingers crossed.

There you go.  Enjoy Twitter, Tumblr, and wherever feels congregate.  This one is going to be annoying.  

Look, it isn't that we don't care that DC has brutally killed off a female character for the explicitly stated purpose of "getting the attention" of a male character, nor is it that this is almost certainly a publicity stunt that Selina will survive (if it's even really her). It's just that DC has done this sort of thing so often, we can't even bother to be offended, and, judging by the lukewarm reaction of the rest of the internet, neither can anyone...

FRANK! Put Selina's body down! You cannot salvage her parts for Bride of Frank!

No! Bad Frank! Now no one will like us.

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