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Man in Coma Since 1999 Excited for Skyrim Game Guide

Written by Jeremy Shane on Monday, June 03 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Man in Coma Since 1999 Excited for Skyrim Game Guide

Huge game guide a lifesaver for man who has missed 14 years of internet development.

Source: Bethesda Blog

Tom J. Dennison of Newport News, VA, awoke from a coma in early May after being unconcious for nearly 14 years following a freak airplane refuse accident that nearly killed him in 1999.  Thanks to the blue meteor, Dennison has missed out on the growth of the Elder Scrolls game series, knowing only his last beloved RPG experience Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall.  Though he had heard of the new Elder Scrolls game, most of his friends told him to just wait for the collected edition with all the DLC in it.

Not really understanding what they meant by DLC, he waited nonetheless, and was ready when they announced Skyrim: Legendary Edition was coming out in June.  "My Computer should be ready for Skyrim, I had a wicked awesome setup for Daggerfall.  A 486 Processor, 100 MB harddrive and a 4x CD ROM!"  

Remembering how overwhelming these massive RPGs can be and thinking back to the Ultima Strategy guides he grew up with, Dennison was as worried as he was excited about the new game. "I hope they expanded the amount of classes to choose from.  Daggerfall only had eighteen.  But the more they add, the more help I'll need."

Needless to say, when Bethesda announced May 31st that Prima Games would be publishing an 1100+ page Legendary Edition of their Skyrim guide to be released with the new game edition, Mr. Dennison was ecstatic.  "Thank god!  Where else could I turn for help on the game?"

"I mean, it's not like I can just type questions about it into a magic box and get the answers instantaneously from a variety of sources," he laughed.

Dennison told us that he planned to head over to a local retailer like Comp USA or Circuit City and pick up the game on compact disc. "I've got thirty bucks saved up, which should be enough for the game and the guide."

"I've heard that some people download video games nowadays, but I can't imagine waiting fifty-six days just to download one game when I could get it from the store right now," he added, referring to the amount of time it takes to download a six gigabyte game on 9600 Baud dial-up connection (or the amount of time it takes to download one World of Warcraft update on a modern high-speed connection).


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