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Microsoft Cancels E3 Post Press Conference Roundtable with Press (Updated)

Written by Jeremy Shane on Wednesday, June 05 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Microsoft Cancels E3 Post Press Conference Roundtable with Press (Updated)

Travel to LA to watch the same thing everyone else is watching on their computers! (Updated)

Source: Twitter/PR Release

Normally there is a chance for the press to talk to execs and developers after the formal press conference, but it appears this year journalists will be traveling to L.A. simply to watch the same thing everyone else does on their computers.



The official response was that the cancelation was "due to some changes in execs' schedules including some external industry and partner sessions."  But it's hard not to wonder if this is an attempt to avoid some of the hard questions that have come up since the XBox Reveal two weeks ago.  The desire to tightly control what sort of information the media gets access to has been seen before, and it's usually not a good sign for an entertainment company to be in that position.  I'm sure we will still see some 'exclusive interviews' with various corporate websites following E3 however.

That being said, I have received no email and I am attending the event, which confuses me a bit.  I reached out to Tilley on twitter, saying much the same thing but he never replied.  Adam Sessler of Rev3 games has said he recieved no such email either.




Steve Tilley, author of the above tweet, adressed the hubbub on his blog in an attempt to clear up confusion.  Taking a long winded approach to saying the same thing Major Nelson had to say, which was the roundtable was canceled due to "scheduling conflicts with execs."

Several journalists have interviews still lined up individually with execs (like I said yesterday - we'll still see those exclusives through sites that Microsoft approves of), so they will still get a chance to ask some of the hard hitting questions we need answers to.  Hopefully, some of them will at least try to ask those questions.  This situation does allow Microsoft to more tightly control the information going out, but at least they are not completely sequestering themselves.

So, update is: Microsft is not having a roundtable (which Sony never had one scheduled to begin with), but they are still doing some one-on-ones during E3.


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