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'Mighty Avengers' by Al Ewing and Greg Land

Written by Jeremy Shane on Friday, June 07 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

'Mighty Avengers' by Al Ewing and Greg Land

Details from the Marvel conference call on their next big project: Mighty!... Avengers that is.

Source: Conf. Call

A new team book, Mighty Avengers, led by Luke Cage with She-Hulk, Blue Marvel, Spectrum, White Tiger, Superior Spider-Man, Falcon, Ronin, and... a different Power Man.  Al Ewing will be writing, with Greg Land on art.


The team will come together after Infinity, where many of the big Marvel heroes have left Earth to fight 'the builders.'  Thanos seizes the opportunity to take Earth, but not all the heroes are gone and Cage assembles a team to fight him off.

Cage will lead the team in a more managerial capacity, with Monica Rambeau, or Spectrum, will take on duties of field leader.  Falcon will also be showing up, thought the others remain skeptical of whether or not he wants to be here, or was sent to keep an eye on them by Captain America.  Ronin will be returning, and again in a mysterious, 'who is this dude?' capacity.

"Monica Rambeau will be on the team. She's the field leader. New costume, new name, kind of rejoining and rebranding herself. She'll be called Spectrum." - Al Ewing

"Ronin is the character find of 2013. We batted around some ideas for him with putting on the Ronin suit. We'll find out in issue #1 why we can't know who he is. I feel like even revealing his gender I've said too much. This is the man who will be Ronin. His mystery will be explored in the first year." - Al Ewing



"The racial diversity of the line-up is no accident, really. I've always responded to people asking why we don't have a black Avengers or Latino Avengers that it feels artificial. But, the reality is that people who want to see characters in comics representing them have a point. We first started conceptualizing this book in February around Black History Month and the anniversary of the death of my friend Dwayne McDuffie. So I set out no to do 'Black Avengers' but more Dwayne McDuffie Avengers. I wanted to have a minimum of non-white characters but not have that necessarily be the point, then a lot of the characters who fit into what we wanted to do ended up being minorities. It's not a 'solution' to lack of diversity elsewhere, but it's something we considered." - Tom Brevoort


Spider-Man will also be joining the team, though he has sort of inserted himself into the team since they've based themselves in his hometown after the initial arc that gets them together.  Wolverine was mentioned, but Ewing said he had no story room for him.

"Spider-Man is not going to miss a horrible thing happening in the middle of New York, but once it passes, he somewhat takes on the attitude of 'who are you people and how DARE you try to protect MY streets?' People are not happy he's there, he's kind of crashing the party." - Al Ewing



Ewing spoke about writing in 'the Marvel method' with Greg Land and enjoying Land's work plotting out the story structure.

"Greg Land has never done an Avengers ongoing series. He was looking for a new challenge and has a really exciting, really polisher super hero art style. His characters all have weight and presence. He can do action and storytelling. Al is writing this book classic Marvel style, plot-art-script, so Greg is getting to flex some storytelling muscles." - Tom Brevoort


No matter your opinion of Land, Ewing seems to have a plan to give every character their time to shine in the new series.  Saying he's never been a fan of terms like B-List and C-List and he's fallen love with several characters that were new to him when this project began.  He plans to mix comedy and drama to keep the book from being constantly heavy, and will take them out of New York as well. 


"There will almost certainly be some sort of terrifying hidden mountain in this book. Possibly an orbiting boardroom? I'm making it up a bit on the fly. They will be going outside New York. I'm thinking of who they will be fighting. And with the Blue Marvel around, we will see the bottom of the ocean's deepest trench occasionally." - Al Ewing




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