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Tony Daniel Quits Twitter After Gender Politics Argument

Written by Stoneman on Saturday, June 08 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Tony Daniel Quits Twitter After Gender Politics Argument

After allegedly getting into a brief exchange about the inherent misogyny in the term "friend zone," Tony Daniel appears to have deleted his Twitter account.

Source: Tumblr via Outhouse Editor GLX

Hi there! Stoneman, head of Outhouse S&P here. Earlier today, Action Comics artist Tony Daniel, according to some screenshots that The Outhouse is unable to confirm the veracity of, got into an exchange on Twitter "over the term "friend zone" and whether or not it is sexist. Afterward, he apparently quit Twitter, or at least made it inaccessible to all but approved followers. Twitter's error message claims the page "doesn't exist." Read the Tumblr account here.

Here's an excerpt:

Tony Daniel, writer of such classics [insert sarcasm font] Battle for the Cowl is currently writing Action Comics. I will not comment on the quality of that book because it’s inconsequential, but lets just say it ain’t on a my pull list. In his most recent issue he has Clark say to Jimmy that he’s been “friend zoned”. If you’re following me you don’t need to be told why the idea of friend zoning is sexist, but after seeing a post on here about how someone confronted him about it I went to see if he’d apologized. He had not. So I decided that I would add my voice to what I hope will be others. Let’s just say, he did not take kindly to it.

Now before I keep posting I want to make a point of where I was trying to say here. It’s something that Smooth did in his post but really Bomani Jones said once on Hoop Speak. No one has racism or sexism repellent. It’s something we all grow up with and it becomes a part of us. My goal here was to say that the thing he did was sexist, not that he was sexist. Spoiler alert, he did not take it that way.


It should be noted, for those who think I'm being unfair, that Daniel's side of the story cannot be represented since he deleted or hid his Twitter account. I did verify that the account used to be active, and appears to be Daniel's account, and that it is now unreachable. Also, his gallery of Facebook header images contained the image at the top of the article, objectifying Wonder Woman's butt.

The Tumblr blog where the story comes from, "leaguerulesfrownupon," describes its purpose as "Comics and Sports from a guy working for ESPN/NBA." I have no idea how to figure out Tumblr, but from what I can tell, the blog seems to have many posts with hundreds of notes, and the Twitter account has over 25,000 tweets.

The whole thing is strange, and I'm not sure what to think of it, so I'm just reporting what I know, and leaving it to you, long suffering Outhouse readers, to decide for yourselves.

We're going to put out a request for comment tonight, but, you know, DC creators aren't allowed to talk to us.


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