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Mark Waid is MAAADDD About Man of Steel (SPOILERS)

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, June 14 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Mark Waid is MAAADDD About Man of Steel (SPOILERS)

The hot-headed comic book writer posted a scathing review of the movie on the Thrillbent blog.

Source: Thrillbent

Mark Waid has never been shy about unleashing his vengeance on the internet, whether its to threaten nerds about smack-talking Stephen Wacker's departure from 52, pwn easily-distracted writer J. Michael Straczynski over Spider-Man sales, shame Newsarama editor Lucas Siegel on Twitter over a poorly written fluff piece, or berate a troop of Girl Scouts when Stephen Wacker can't open a box a cookies. So when we learned that Waid had posted a review of Man of Steel on the Thrillbent blog, and saw tweets like this one...

...we knew we were in for some classic Waid awesomeness.

Stop reading here if you don't want to be spoiled...

So what was Waid's problem with Man of Steel? Well, he didn't hate everything. Amongst some of the positives, Waid listed the characterization of Pa Kent, the musical score, and the top half of Superman's costume (Waid is a boobs guy). In fact, Waid claims to have liked the first two thirds of the movie well enough. However, he doesn't seem to feel that the movie captured Superman's essence as a hero, as Superman allows too much collateral damage during the movie's big Smallville battle:

A lot of destruction. A lot of destruction–and Superman making absolutely no effort to take the fight, like, ONE BLOCK AWAY INTO A CORNFIELD INSTEAD OF ON MAIN STREET. Still, saving people here and there, but certainly never going out of his way to do so, and mostly just trying not to get his ass kicked.


Of course, things only get worse during the Metropolis battle, which Waid calls disaster porn and compares to Hiroshima:

Minute after minute after endless minute of Some Giant Machine laying so much waste to Metropolis that it’s inconceivable that we weren’t watching millions of people die in every single shot.


And Superman fares no better during the fight with Zod, according to Waid, thanks to "his utter disregard for the collateral damage was just jaw-dropping as they just kept crashing through buildings full of survivors." Waid sums up these complaints, saying:

Superman rarely if ever bothered to give the safety and welfare of the people around him one bit of thought.


But it wasn't Superman's callous disregard for the welfare of regular citizens that was the straw that broke the camel's back for Waid. That honor belongs to the movie's climax:

Some crazy guy in front of us was muttering “Don’t do it…don’t do it…DON’T DO IT…” and then Superman snapped Zod’s neck and that guy stood up and said in a very loud voice, “THAT’S IT, YOU LOST ME, I’M OUT,” and his girlfriend had to literally pull him back into his seat and keep him from walking out and that crazy guy was me. That crazy guy was me.


Ah, there's the Mark Waid we know and love. Yelling at the movie screen in what was apparently a nerd rage fueled our of body experience.

It's a great review, and classic Waid. Waid is an extremely knowledgeable guy about comics, and we already know he doesn't pull his punches, so it's really worth a read, provided you've seen the movie and don't mind having the whole thing spoiled (I certainly didn't). Head over to Thrillbent and check it out. And while you're there, check out some innovative digital comics!

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