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Gerry Conway Starts Blog to Ensure DC Pays Creators

Written by ThanosCopter on Monday, July 01 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Gerry Conway Starts Blog to Ensure DC Pays Creators

A new project by Gerry Conway asks fans to crowdsource creator's creations to ensure they get paid.

Source: Comics Equity Blog

Here's a fun little peak behind the curtain.  Gerry Conway has started up a new blog entitled "The Comics Equity Project" asking fans to assist creators in ensuring that they receive royalties for their work.  Basically, starting in the mid-70s, DC began a program called "equity participation", which allowed creators to earn a share of the profit generated by a creator's creations.  Awesome, right?  Well, the only problem is that DC doesn't actually track what characters creators have rights to, leaving the onus on creators to track their creations and claim creator rights.

Conway stated he was inspired to start up the Comics Equity Program after learning that Felicity Smoak, a supporting character he created in Firestorm, was being used in Arrow.  Conway never expected that Smoak would wind up on any TV show and hadn't filled out the paperwork to receive his share of the profits. Now he's calling on fans to help out by coming up with a comprehensive list of creations that various creators have worked on and filling out a simple "Character Equity Request Form" for creators to file to ensure that they get paid for their creations. 

While I think it's a bit much for Conway to ask fans to bear the brunt of the burden in making sure creators are owed what they're due, it's even more ridiculous that WB is telling creators that they need to file paperwork for very character they've ever created in order to receive royalties.  And while corporate apologists will claim that creators should be grateful that such a program exists, I don't see why it should fall on the employee to make sure they get paid.  Then again, corporate apologists are the sort of people who think that we should charge families for the bullets used to execute family members, so c'est la vie.

Anyways, if you want to help Conway (and other creators) out, the blog can be found here.  I'm personally looking forward to the comments praising DC for only passively screwing over creators in the comments below. 

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