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Rebellion Successfully Sells Out of 1000 Copies of Grant Morrison's Zenith

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, July 05 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Rebellion Successfully Sells Out of 1000 Copies of Grant Morrison's Zenith

Despite the objections of the powerful wizard, Rebellion Comics has printed and sold out of 1000 copies of the "lost" comic.

Source: Exclusively from an Exclusive CBR Exclusive

The comic book community was shocked last month when 2000AD publisher Rebellion announced that they would be collecting and pringing a massive hardcover edition of Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell's Zenith, a story which first ran in 2000AD in 1987. Powerful wizard and acclaimed creator Morrison has blocked reprints of the comic for years, due to the fact that it contains revealing secrets about the Deathly Hallows which could possibly allow upstarts to defeat him in a magickal duel, or, as CBR puts it, for "rights issues."

In a comment that CBR repeatedly pointed out was given to them EXCLUSIVELY by Rebellion, PR coordinator and golden age comic book character Michael Molcher said:

"The response to the first reprint of the complete Zenith has been phenomenal -- it's the fastest selling title we've ever had and sold out in just 48 hours. There's been huge demand for such an important moment in comics history and, as co-creator Steve Yeowell has said, it's really exciting to see it collected together for the first time."


Grant Morrison was unavailable for comment at press time, but sources tell us he is preparing an ancient and powerful spell to split himself into 1000 separate magickal essences, all of which will appear, simultaneously, completely nude, around the globe to confiscate the contraband hardcovers and scold purchasers sternly with a scathing sonnet.

If you wanted to own the deluxe hardcover, or you wanted to catch a glimpse of Morrison's magickal penis (and who wouldn't?!), you're out of luck, since the sell-out consists of consumer preorders instead of retailer stock purchases. But you can always start saving up the £100, or (insert jingoistic exchange rate joke attacking un-American money here), for when Rebellion inevitably announces another printing. The book ships in December.

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