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Jim Steranko's Twitter is the Real Deal

Written by Christian on Friday, July 12 2013 and posted in News with Benefits

Jim Steranko's Twitter is the Real Deal

We confirmed with the creator via email.

Jim Steranko joined Twitter last week, bringing a series of fantastic, over the top stories from the legendary creator's early days. Last night, for instance, he regaled us with a run in he had with six or seven bikers at a bar, as well as the bartender and several patrons, all of whom wanted a piece of him...or his necktie.  The incident resulted in a high speed getaway and Steranko slashing a would be assailant with a makeshift blade made from a half dollar.  

However, since this is the Internet, some have expressed doubt that Steranko was actually running the account, as some simply couldn't handle the condensed awesomeness that is Steranko speaking in 140 character chunks.

Last night, the Outhouse reached out to Mr. Steranko via email, who was more than happy to confirm that he was indeed behind @iamsteranko. 

Thanks for the note and the kind words about my recent Twitter appearance. For better or worse, I am on the other end of @iamsteranko, sharing a few thoughts and stories with the guys who put me on the map.

Recently, I made personal appearances at Anaheim, Dallas, Denver, and Charlotte and was barraged by fans asking me to connect with them on the net--and I have the BEST fans in the galaxy! I favored Twitter's REAL TIME connection, but found the 140 minimum oppressive, until I discovered how to beat the problem. I created a technique of releasing a burst of data every minute--much like panels in a comicbook--and ending with a kind of cliffhanger. I call it STERANKO TNT (Twitter Narrative Technique), and believe it will have some evolutionary impact on the medium.

Maybe even add another little notch to my fan-title The Innovator!

So there you have it, twitter account verified.  Now go and follow him!

UPDATE:  When first writing this story, I neglected to accurately recount the number of people out to get Mr. Steranko at that bar, which understated how spectacular his escape was.  My apologies to Mr. Steranko.   

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